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                   About Us

The Hashemite University (HU) is located in Zarqa city which is the second biggest city in Jordan. Diverse population from different roots and ethnic backgrounds constitute the community surrounding HU. It is an educational institution that is committed to excellence in both teaching and research. Its grand mission is to offer service and consultation to the local community in addition to the larger society.

The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) was founded at the onset of the academic year 1996/1997, almost a year after the beginning of the university itself. This simultaneity is a testimony to the vital role of research in developing numerous academic aspects inside the university, and in enhancing the university's capability to fulfill its national and international commitments. More specifically, scientific research play significant roles in: First, developing the society. Second, expanding the academic staff's areas of knowledge and developing their learned abilities. Third raising the standards of the university. Finally, contributing to human knowledge through leading to scientific discoveries.

One of the major objectives of establishing the Deanship is to organize research at the university. Thus, the Deanship is in charge of facilitating the development of scientific research- related aspects.  The Deanship works constantly to foster co-operation with scientific and academic national and international institutions in the domains of research, publications, and expertise.






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