The Deanship of Scientific Research

The Hashemite University (HU) is located in Zarqa city, which is the second biggest city in Jordan. Diverse population from different roots and ethnic backgrounds constitute the community surrounding HU. 
The Hashemite University (HU) is one of the most leading academic institutions in Jordan. Since its establishment in (1991), HU has been distinguished in academia and research; it focuses on education, research, and community service.
The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) was founded in the academic year (1996/1997). It is einerged from the Faculty of Graduate Studies in 2015 due to the increase in number of proposals funded by the DSR and by the national and international agencies, the increase in published research, and the increase in graduate students at the university.
The DSR is mainly concerned with promoting and supervising research activities at HU. Scientific research is facing major challenges and constraints, which mandate creating appropriate research environment, effective management protocols, and updated legislations and regulations.
As the progress in scientific research necessitates continuous development of supplies and equipment, the Deanship provides financial support to enable researchers to conduct research. The university allocates annually at least 3% of its budget to support scientific research proposals that focus on the needs and priorities of public and private sectors and contribute in solving problems of local communities.
In order to achieve our targeted objectives, we have taken many measures aimed to simplify, develop and modernize the work in the Deanship; this way:
1. Transforming to an electronic Deanship and updating all website resources.
2. Setting up mechanism of work at the Deanship and communicating it to all faculties at the university.
3. Enhancing and fostering the culture of scientific research through conducting holistic revisions for all regulations to support scientific research and publications, and to motivate faculty members to publish their work in most prestigious international scientific journals.

The progressive increase in the number of funded research proposals, internally and externally, has led to increased publication rates in reputable journals, which has a major impact in improving the university rankings internationally, such as the Google Scholar database, Times HE, and British Times Higher Education for the year of (2016/2017).
In an effort to increase publication numbers at the university, regulations were issued to reward HU scholars and graduate students for each scientific research paper published. Also, to create the spirit of competition between our faculty members, regulations of patents were approved in (2016); faculty members who register international patents are rewarded as a recognition and appreciation of their efforts and excellence. Furthermore, to motivate our faculty members and acknowledge their efforts, the Deanship publishes all awards, patents and grants at the Deanship's website.
The Eelectronic Deanship of Scientific Research
The following E-services were introduced starting from (2016) for the first time at the Deanship:
1. Transferring into an electronic Deanship and update all resources at the website of the Deanship.
2. Developing and updating all electronic applications at the Deanship.
3. Developing and program many forms linked with the Online Submission of Research Proposals.
4. Linking the Online Submission of Research Proposals with an Electronic Financial System that enables faculty members and the Deanship to follow and track the budget of funded research projects easily.
5. Linking the Online Submission of Research Proposals with the Department of Supplies to facilitate purchasing procedures.
6. Coordinating the work between the Deanship and the Information, Communication & E-Learning Technology Center; there is a remarkable increase in the number of research proposals supported by the HU locally and internationally, which mandate extensive coordinated and collaboration.

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