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Prof. Manar. F.M.Atoum

Welcome to the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR)-The Hashemite University (HU). This site serves as a focal point for researchers at the university, and provides researchers with the information needed for conducting research.


The DRS was founded at the onset of the academic year 1996-1997. Scientific research is a major goal of HU; it is one of the most important elements of development in the scientific, industrial, and social science sectors. Research plays an important role in any academic institution as it has a major impact on accreditation and international ranking.


The mission of the Deanship is to provide leadership and support to advance scientific research, which will contribute to achieving greater prominence at the local, national, regional, and international levels.


One of the major objectives of the Deanship is to organize all research activities at the University. Thus, the Deanship is the in charge of facilitating the development of scientific research- related aspects. The Deanship works constantly to foster cooperation with scientific and academic national, regional, and international institutions in areas of research and expertise. The Deanship supports the publication of research studies; we encourage our faculty members to publish their research in reputable, international, and refereed journals. HU also encourages and supports participation in conferences, seminars and workshops locally, regionally and internationally.  Furthermore, the Deanship supervises the issuing of the following journals:


1.            Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences.

2.            Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

3.            Jordan Journal of Earth and Environment Sciences.


 It is our pleasures to expand knowledge, and we believe that the scientific research at our University gives genuine support toward this pursuit. We believe that today's students are tomorrow's researchers. We invite highly motivated students to join us in the quest for knowledge.




Prof. Manar. F.M.Atoum
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