Database of Researchers' Areas of Interests
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Researcher InterestsResearcher Namee-Mailext. tel.
Swimming Water exercise Sports for persons with disabilitiesFaleh S. F. Abu_Eid 4517
Plant Systematics Plant Allometry Plant Growth Models Palynology Rajaa Mohammad Abdullah Abu
Differential and Integral Equations.Ahmad
Food poisoning bacteria, food spoilage bacteria, bacteria in food and water and their properties, bacteria in waste waterBayan
Genotoxic and Cytotoxic effects of medicinal Plant Extracts on Mammalian cells Genotoxic and Cytotoxic effects of Pesticides on Mammalian Cells Estimation of DNA content of plant & animal cellsSalim. M. M. Abderrahmansalim1954@yahoo.com4190
- item response theory - validity and reliability of scales and tests - Differential item functioning - Differential distractor functioning Hind A. M.
Modeling biological systems. Allometric analysis Experimental design Biodegradation of organic pollutants Compartmental analysis. Biotechnology of artificial cells and organs. Biomedical materials. Biocompatibility. Biotechnology of single cell protein. Environmental aspects of biotechnology. Solid waste biotechnological conversion. Utilization of solar energy for water disinfection and the treatment of Organic pollutants. Ali . Z. M.
1. The studies of photoelectrical and optical properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline thin films semiconductor using the Steady-State Photocarrier Grating (SSPG) technique and sepectrophotometry. This includes a specific study of the minority carrier properties and the optical constants. The experimental studies are accompanied with the implementation of different theoretical approaches. Furthermore, the study of electrical properties of ZnO nanowires, nanorods and nanosheets fabricated as heterojunction diodes, is another interest. 2. The study of electrical properties of semiconductors, via the transient photoconductivity (TPC) and the modulated photoconductivity (MPC) on nanocrystlline and amorphous semiconductors samples is conducted where the numerical methods of Fourier and Laplace transforms are used to determine the density of states in the mobility gap. 3. The analysis of noise in semiconductor devices is also conducted. The analysis of generation-recombination noise in amorphous semiconductor devices based on multiple-trapping-state regime using the equivalent circuit model of Chaplin is the main theme of this work. The spectral noise is calculated and compared to the theoretical results of other models. Monte-Carlo simulation programs are also developed to calculate the spectral noise and these results are compared to the above mentioned theoretical results and experimental data. 4. Research work in nuclear physics involving heavy ion collisions is of one of my interests. The first part of this research deals with the analysis of elastic scattering of heavy nuclei at low energies. While the second part involves the incomplete fusion, and transfer reactions of different heavy nuclei at various energies. Different numerical models are developed and employed in this theoretical work. 5. The theoretical studies of the transition metal ions as impurities in the crystalline group III-V semiconductors is the main theme of my research work in solid state physics. The analytical method of unitary transformation followed by an energy minimization is used to study the E? e Jahn-Teller system in the strong coupling limit. The inversion splitting and reduction factors are obtained analytically. The Schr?dinger equation is solved for this complex system and the perturbation theory is used. This work also involves the modeling of the transition metal ion V3+ as impurity in the GaAs, GaP and InP semiconductors. In particular, the analysis of the structure of the zero-phonon lines of transitions within V3+ ions, in the above-mentioned hosts, under the effects of spin-orbit coupling, uniaxial stress and external magnetic field which are accompanied by Jahn-Teller effects, are studied. Rashad. I. B.
Literary Theory; Modern Anglo-American and European Literature, The Harlem Renaissance; South African Apartheid Literature; Cultural Theories and Literary StudiesShadi Saleh Ahmad Neimnehshadistarz@yahoo.com3086
•Research Methodology (the effect of visual design on self-administered questionnaires: mail, internet and face to face interview). •The Sociology of Community (place, social networks, local environmental concern, approaches to study communities). •Environmental Sociology (subjects of environmental sociology, human-environment interaction). •Environmental Concern (Measuring environmental concern, exploring the effect of socio-demographic variables, and the effect of place attachment). •Political Sociology: state, globalization, political participation. YAHYA A. SH.
-Atmospheric Physics -Renewable Energy Sources (Solar Energy, Wind Energy) Mahmoud M. A. Abu-Al
Contract administration and FIDIC conditions of contract Information technology (IT) deployment and utilization in the construction industry Benchmarking construction firm performance Cost and schedule controls Mohammad. S. O.
 SUBHI I. A. SHARQAWIsubhisharquwi@yahoo.com4843
- River Engineering and watershed management - Sediment transport modeling - Air pollution - Surface and groundwater modeling - Solid waste management - Wastewater treatment and reuseAhmed . N. A.
HAITHAM A. M. HALOUSHh_haloush@hotmail.com4459
Mousa. Z. Q.
Atomic Calculation. - Kinetics Modeling of Heavy Ions - Atomic Spectroscopy - X-ray Spectroscopy - Computational Physics Safeia. M. S.
Efficiency Studies Health economics Energy economicsUsama R. M. Al-Qalawi 4802
Family violence Stress Adjustment and Coping strategies Hanan M. S.
Concrete Technology, NDT, Use of Recycled MaterialsHisham Y.A.
1. Evaluation of polymorphic genetic loci in the Jordanian population for forensic, clinical and ethnogenetic application. Work in this area involves the use of PCR-based techniques as well as genetic and statistical analysis to establish the allelic frequencies of polymorphic genetic markers with ultimate goal of establishing an expandable population genetic database for the Jordanian population. 2. Application of molecular biology techniques in various fields of medical diagnosis. Work in this area involves the use of PCR-based techniques in the diagnosis of various viral, bacterial and mycotic infections, as well as male infertility for proper management and treatment. Salem R. Y. Maloulomarwyazan@yahoo.com4510
•Isolation, purification of enzymes from animal and plant sources. •Enzyme kinetics and characterization •Isolation and identification of plant alkaloids, saponins and others. Nabeel.
Modern Narrative : Story/Novel/Theater/Modern Poetry/Modern Prose/Modern Criticism Zuhier Mahmoud Suliman , 3041
Electronics design, control systems design and in Electrical power fields and energy utilization and conversion. A list of current research areas: -Improving power plants efficiency and waste heat recovery in the Jordanian Central Electric Generation CO. -Harmonic filter design for power factor correction in the large Jordanian industry -Applying Cogeneration technology in the large Jordanian industry -Signal Processing Techniques application for speech enhancements -Radio frequency applications and modeling -Control system modeling for applied to robotics technology -Power Systems Modeling Osama .
Main Field: Atomic and Molecular Physics. Other Fields: Radiation Physics, Medical Physics Feras .R.A.
• Geothermal Energy • Bioclimatic Building Design • Parabolic Solar Collectors • Solar Desalination • Solar Tracking Systems • Photovoltaic Systems • Heat Pumps • Application of renewable energy systems Salem .D.S.Nijmehsdnijmeh@hotmail.com4339
- Soil Impact Evaluation - Drought and Desertification - Soil – Plant contamination - E.I. Statement - Environmental Risk Evaluation and Management - Solid Waste Management - Land Management Fakher J .M.
Biomedical Signal and Image processing (i.e. analysis and computer aided detection-CAD) for some challenging issues in such diseases: - Computing in Cardiology: ECG, Cardiac Ischemia and Heart Sounds, Cardiac Arrhythmias - Brain Neurology: Cancer (CT/MRIs), Alzheimer (CT/MRIs), Multiple sclerosis (CT/MRIs). - Ophthalmology: Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma (OCT). - Pulmonary Embolism (CTPA). Biomedical Instrumentation and Rehab Devices (Design and control) : - ECG and Phonocardiography recording systems. - Lung sound measurement system. - Automated system for wound healing purposes. - Sleep apnea - Infant weight – Incubator based Temperature Control system. - Automated Measurement system for monitoring the patients' treatment progress after the brain Post stroke. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ANN, SVMs, ANFIS...). Applications of Field Programmable Gate Arrays technology (FPGA) in biomedical engineering. Ergonomics in Computer Terminals / human factors: - Virtual Reality Systems and Haptic Devices in Medicine - Design and Layout - Human-Computer Interface - Experimental design Bassam O.I.
Scientific and Technical Translation, Qur'an-oriented Translation Studies, Relevance Theory, Translation and Intercultural Communication.Ala Eddin M.A.A.
digital signal procesing,statstical communication, detection , estimation, and dsp application in commmunication systems.Ahmad. M. Y.
KHadair Kadam
General Topology: Covering properties, generalized closed sets and associated separation axioms.Mohammad SH. O.
Literature and Criticism: Pre-Islamic Poetry Field of Philosophy Literature Theory Art TheoryAli M. M. Ashaasha1ali@yahoo.com3046
Thana .N.M.Ayyashemanayyash@yahoo.com3059 , 3043
Jamal .M. O. Maqablehjamaqableh@yahoo.com4400
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, E-learning, Knowledge Management, Tax AccountingWalid Z. A. Siamwalidsiam@hotmail.com4451 , 4191
1) Studies of Natural Zeolites and Clay Minerals 2) Environmental Geochemistry in Water and Soil Applications 3) Wastewater Treatment Using Natural Resources 4) Evaluation of Jordanian Oil Shale and Uranium Deposits. 5) Mineral Deposits Evaluation, Characterization and Processing 6) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Continental Basalts 7) Heavy Metals levels in Groundwater and Their Environmental Impacts KHalil
Linguistics , Stylistic,Hebro, Generative Transformational Grammar, and Quranic studies. IMAN MOHAMMAD AMIN KHADER ALKIELANIeman_kilani@yahoo.com4371 , 3034
1- Sociolinguistics 2- Text Grammar 3-Syntax 4. Discours AnalysisKHoloud E.S.
 Raed .I . M. Al Noutighalebit@yahoo.com4303
Experimental Physical Chemistry: Lasers, Energy Transfer in Liquids, Non-Linear Optics, Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics. Theoretical Physical Chemistry: Classical and Semi-Classical calculations of energy transfer problems in Atom-Diatomic molecules Collisions. Quantum mechanical calculations of Vibrational-Vibrational and Vibrational-Translational energy transfer between molecules. Hamzeh M.
- Dead Sea Transform - Active tectonics - Relatoin betweeen radon gas and structures - paleoseismology and archeoseismology - Applied Geophysical studies for engineering purposes - Quaternary Geology - Subsurface structures of the Jordan Valley Masdouq
Suad A. A. Al-wa'elysuaad_alwaely@yahoo.com3907 , 3149
Genetic polymorphism of cancer diseaesManar.
• Investigation of soil physical properties in relation to agriculture, engineering and environment. • Climate change assessment, modeling, monitoring and mitigation using sustainable land management techniques and remote sensing and GIS applications. • Data mining, mathematical modeling, statistical inferencing, temporal and spatial applications of soil physical and environmental aspects. • Contaminant solute, water, energy and gas transport modeling, prediction, testing and tracing in heterogeneous soil systems and Karst landscapes. • Environmental impact assessment of soil and groundwater pollutions. • Irrigation design, evaluation and management with respect to environmental resources and conditions. Mohammed I. M.
Research Method in Physical Education, Construct Tests in Physical Education, Statistical Analysis with SPSS Program, Fitness and Health Education, Sport Training, Soccer, Tennis.Aman. S. H. KHasawnehamana752001@yahoo.com4653 , 4417
Moh`d M. A.
1) Synthesis and characterization of novel open-chain multidentate chelating agents based on 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives and the coordination of these with transition metals. The Structural, Spectral and Magnetic properties (the induced spin-state transitions in iron (II)) of the derived coordination compounds are of interest. 2) Study of the inorganic raw materials available in Jordan. 3) Synthesis and structural characterization of tetraazamacrocyclic complexes. 4) Chemistry of oxime ligands derived from 1,2,4-triazin-6-one derivatives. 5) Science education. 6) Reusability of Sewage Sludge (bio-solids) at Al-Ekeder Dumping Site in Clay Bricks Production. 7) vic-Dioxime complexes as synthetic models for biosystems. Ahmad S. A.
GIS & Remote Sensing Applications in: Geology Hydrology Climate Change Water Resources Drought AssessmnetNezar A. A. , 3250
• Adapted Physical Activity. • Sport Rehabilitation for the Disabled. • Persons with Disability Psychology. • Basketball.Omar S. M.
Sequence Spaces, Nuclear Maps, Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Analysis, Approximation Theory, Analysis, Fixed Point Theory.Wasfi A. A.
I)Defects in solids using luminescence and micro-analytical techniques. II) Electrical characterization of polymeric materials using impedance spectroscopy. Mufied. M.H. AL_Maghrabimughrabi69@hotmail.com4600
The prevalence of obesity increases dramatically worldwide, environmental factors rather than genetics have been suggested as a major cause of obesity. The environmental factors can be divided into 2 subgroups: energy intake (food intake) and energy expenditure (physical activity). Food intake is composed of two parts, the quantity of the food and the quality of the food (nutrients, and mainly macronutrients, especially fat). Obesity is a major threat to the public health. Obesity may lead to a number of health problems affecting many systems in the human body, as well as psychological and economical problems. There is a direct association between weight, obesity and several diseases. These include type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), dyslipidemia, hypertension and cancer such as breast cancer. The primary goal of my research program is to: 1. Estimate the amount of food intake and its component of carbohydrate, protein and fat in order to calculate the energy intake which has an effect on weight gain. 2. Evaluation of the quality and quantity of diets offered to diabetic patients. The main goal of this investigation is to pinpoint the amount and the type of nutrients offered to diabetic patients and its effect on weight and glycemic control. 3. Estimate the prevalence of overweight and obesity among different age groups especially children and adolescents; it aims at highlight the risk factors and find the appropriate dietary intervention program 4. Examine the relationship between obesity, lipid profile and blood pressure, and to quantify the risk of coronary heart disease. The chief goal is find an appropriate dietary intervention program to overcome the problems of obesity, hypertension and impaired lipid profile. 5. Study the modifiable lifestyle risk factors of breast cancer such as obesity, physical activity, and smoking. The ultimate goal of this investigation is to highlight the risk factors that contribute to decrease the incidence of breast cancer and to better management of the disease
Teaching Arabic Methods, Teacher training, language skillsAkram A. A
General research areas are high-level synthesis and parallel architectures. Research interests include scheduling and resource allocation, reconfigurable computing, ASIC synthesis, graph theory, Network on chip, Networks and information security, and computer architecture and organizationAwni H. A.
Jebreen A.
Ancient Literature: Pre–Islamic Literature Literature in the Early Islamic Period Literature in the Umayyad PeriodLaila T. A.
Applied linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics and Translation. III. Conferences Majed .A.Q. Al Qur'anmajidhq@yahoo.com3003
Financial accounting (disclosure, fair value accounting...etc) Accoutning teaching Accounting theoryHusam Aldeen M.
1. Natural Products Chemistry. 2. Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocyclic Compounds. Kayed A.Z. Abu , 4420
Clastic sedimentology, depositional environments, especially glacial, fluvial and tidal systems; clastic sequence stratigraphy; basin analysis; Palaeozoic and Triassic sediments of Jordan, high latitude East Gondwana glaciation; Quaternary alluvial fans of Wadi Araba and travertines of the Dead Sea Rift and Jordan Valley. Issa. M. I. Makhloufmakhlouf11@yahoo.com5267 , 4235
Ahmad A. A. malabite.ahmad@yahoo.com4841 , 4427
• Determining the thermal inactivation kinetics of pathogenic foodborne microorganism in different food systems • Developing pasteurization protocols for high value seafood products using conventional thermal processes • Developing pasteurization protocols for high value seafood products using novel heating technologies (radio frequency and microwave dielectric heating) • Using combinations of antimicrobial treatment with mild heat treatment to process heat-sensitive food products • Designing and implementing experiments to quantify and identify pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms in food systems using Short Wavelength and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy • Studying the growth, survival, recovery and inactivation of Enterobacter sakazakii (Cronobacter spp) in infant formula and baby foods • Developing new media for recovery of intact and injured foodborne pathogens • Providing expert consulting services for food safety and extension of shelf life of different food products, especially chilled meat products MURAD A. M.
Motor Learning, Motor Development, Physical Fitness,Sport and Health,psychology,aerobic exercisesABED AL BASIT MOBARAK ARSAN ALSHORMANatdq@yahoo.com4863
• Environmental Soil and Water Chemistry (Trace metal contamination of soils. Surface chemistry of soil clay minerals; and mineral solubility and colloid formation, mineral transformation) • Environmental Pollution (Global Environmental management, Fate of Environmental contaminants; colloid and colloid-facilitated transport in the vadose zone and colloidal interaction with radionuclides in soils and sediments) Kholoud Y. T.
Micro- and Macro-paleontology Palaeoecology BiostratigraphyFayez Y. M. S.
Characterization of graphs, divisor graphs, special types of regular graphs.Salah S. M.
Experimental Stress Analysis and Non destructive Testing Materials Iqbal A. M.
Medical and pharmaceutical microbiology with particular interest in: 1-Various aspects related to the mechanism of pathogenicity of Candida albicans and other yeasts. 2-Mode of action of anti-microbial agents, especially growth and Physiology. 3-Biochemistry of microbial lipids and sterols. 4-Detection and determination of Dermatophytes. 5-Keratinophilic fungi from various sources. Khaled .H. A.
Water resources, hydrology, hydrogeology and environmentAli R. A.
 Esam. Y. A. \
Muslih Abdel Fattah Muslih , 3032
• Old World Complex Societies. • Middle Eastern Archaeology. • Neolithic through Iron Age. • Urbanism and Trade. • Ethnoarchaeological Studies • Pottery Studies • Heritage Studies • Early and Prehistoric Architecture • Archaeology and Tourism Khaled A. M. khaleddouglas@hotmail.com4598
- Linear Accelerator - Theoretical Free Electron Laser Physics (FEL) - Experimental and Theoretical Atomic Laser Spectroscopy - Experimental and Theoretical X-Ray Fluorescence - Beam Optics Synchrotron Radiation Wa`el. N.
Superalgebra, Superinvolution, Graded Algebra, Graded rings.Ameer. A. A. Jaberameerbenjaber@yahoo.com4817
CAD/CAM Apllications, CAD Directed Inspection, CAD Tissue Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Lean/Six SigmaSuleiman M. S.
Policy Development and Analysis, Legal and Ethical Argumentative Essays, Electronic Data Collection, Standardize Languages, Nurses’ Autonomy, Medication Errors, Nurse Managers’ Actions, Patients’ Satisfaction, Quality of Care, Nurses’ Job Satisfaction and Performance, Nurses’ Retention, Patient Safety, Career Commitment, and Job Stressors and Social Support. Majd T. S.
Reproductive health, Maternal and child health, health education, heaalth informatics, and women's health.Jamila . A.R . A. Abu-Idhailjamila302000@yahoo.com5459
 Mahdi .Abdelkareem .Muhsen . Al
Syntax, morphology, phonology, Dialects, Quranic ReadingMuneer T. M. Shatanawidr_moneer2004@yahoo.com3903 , 3036
? Physical Fitness. ? Physical preparation ? Psychological preparation of athletes ? Sport Psychology ? Psychology Rehabilitation Sports ? Sports and Health ? Tennis. Mahmoud. .A.H AL-Haliqalhaliq4@yahoo.com4251
Literature and criticism and children's literatureNaser Yousef Ibrahim
Quality Engineering, Total Quality Management Six Sigma Statistically Designed Experiments Regression Methods Introduction to Statistics Advanced Applied Statistics Business Process Reengineering System Simulation Operation Research & Optimization Decision Analysis Project Analysis and Design Project Management Quality Control Risk Management Cost Control & Cost Management Performance Measures and Excellency awards Adnan A. M.
Eid A. E. Al
 Mohammad .W. A .
Interests Areas: 1. Research in Mathematics Education. 2. Research in Assessment of mathematics Education. 3. Development of Mathematics Curricula. 4. Professional Development for Mathematics Teachers. Areej I. I. Barhamareejbarham@yahoo.com4783
Khaled Moh'd Bashir
My interest in research at the present time can be divided into the following classes: [1]Catalysis by Design: Synthesis, Characterization, and application of transition metal complexes that can be applied in homogeneous catalysis (polymerization and copolymerization of alkenes and epoxides with polar monomers, hydrogenation, and hydroformylation). The work is to design chiral and/or achiral transition metal complexes bearing new donor ligands. Characterization of the new complexes by IR-, NMR-, Mass-spectroscopy, UV, and X-ray single crystal analysis is also included. After that the complexes can be tested for their activity as catalysts for polymerization reactions and organic synthesis. [2]Polymer Chemistry: Polymerization processes of 1-olefins, dienes, cycloolefins, and copolymerization of alkenes (C2-C20) with polar monomers such as carbon monoxide and acrylate derivatives. The work here also covered the characterization of the polymer products by NMR-, IR-, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), TGA, GPC, X-ray diffraction, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), and mechanical measurements. [3]Fabrication of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP): towards wastewater treatment, chiral separation, and pre-concentration-solid phase extraction. [4]Electrical properties of polymer nanocomposites. [5]Heterogeneous Catalysis: Immobilization reactions of transition metal-based catalysts. Catalysis of organic reactions (polymerization, hydrogenation, hydroformylation) can be carried by supported organic reagents. [6]Bioinorganic Chemistry: Anti-Cancer platinum and palladium compounds: Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic evaluation. [7]Kinetic and mechanism of oxidation of amino acids via transition metal complexes. [8]Re-orient university curricula to address sustainability. Adnan M. S. , 3226
Science Teachers Preparation, Motivation to science learning, Alternative conceptions, science teachers self efficacy, ICT and science education, Assessment of science teaching and learning, science learning environmentJamal .H. M
1- Studying the extent and assessing the modes of solubility enhancement exerted by aqueous cyclodextrins on some water insoluble compounds of pharmaceutical interest 2- Molecular dynamics simulation and free energy perturbation calculations of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes. 3- Protein Dynamics 4- Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants by natural and synthetic adsorbents. Musa I. M.
- Modified Eelectrodes. - Electroanalysis. - Environmental Studies. - Application of natural Jordanian silicate adsorbents (zeolite, clay, diatomite) in metals and organics adsorption and separation. - Application of Multivariate Calibration methods in food and environment.Ayman A .A.
1. Geoarchaeology of Prehistoric and Historical Sites 2. Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology and Tourism. 3. Geotechnical Studies of Archaeological Sites. 4. GIS Application to Archaeology and Heritage. 5. Documentation and Management of Archaeological Sites “in dangers” and Cultural Heritage Management. 6. Stone Weathering and Conservation. 7. Environmental Reconstruction. 8. Landscape management and Cultural Utilities of landscape, 9. Tourism and Museum Issues Bilal Riziq Mustafa
1. Developing the static fluctuation approximation technique, which is a new theoretical approach applied to many body problems. 2. Low and ultra-low temperature physics. 3. Quantum fluids. 4. Low-dimensional systems. 5. Trapped Bose and Fermi systems. 6. Nanophysics Mohamed .K.M.
Literature and CriticismMAH D AHMAD MOH D
pre-islamic poetry ancient literetureOmar . A .A Fegawiomar_fajjawi@yahoo.com3039
Reading Literary Texts according to Critical ApproachesMohammad Khaleel Al
Arabic Linguistics. • The studies of history and civilization. • Human rights. • The studies of Women and Children. • Civilizations’’ dialogue and cultural coexistence. • The studies of the marginalized. • The studies of media and cinema. • The linguistic-neurotic programming. Essa .O. M. Barhoumessabarhouma@arabia.com3042
Amneh Salih Mohammad
Moh'd Sami . SH. S.
Yazid Isa Ahmad Shoratyysoraty@hotmail.com3111
Applied Linguistics TEFL-Language acquisition,meyhodology Teacher EducationAbdallah Matar Ahmad Abu naba'habunabah52@hotmail.com3104
- Global e-Commerce (e-Commerce in developing countries ,Global e-Commerce,Infrastructure for e-Commerce), - Online Business Models (e-Logistics, e-Government, e-Procurement, e-Services, Business-oriented e-Commerce, Web advertising and Web Publishing, Mobile Commerce, - Commerce Technology (Barriers to e-Business Adoption) - e-Commerce Strategy & Implementation (Internet payment systems, Marketing on the Web) - Regulatory/Policy Issues (Social Issues in e-Commerce, The Regulatory Environment of e-Commerce, Trust & Security Issues in e-Commerce) ? Global e-Commerce (e-Commerce in developing countries, Global e-Commerce, Infrastructure for e-Commerce), - Online Business Models (e-Logistics, e-Government, e-Procurement, e-Services, Business-oriented e-Commerce, Web advertising and Web Publishing, Mobile Commerce) - Commerce Technology (Barriers to e-Business Adoption) - E-Commerce Strategy & Implementation (Internet payment systems, Marketing on the Web) - Regulatory/Policy Issues (Social Issues in e-Commerce, The Regulatory Environment of e-Commerce, Trust & Security Issues in e-Commerce) Wasfi Abdel Aziz Ahmad Al Rawabdeh 5227
Maisoun I. M. Abu JoudehJOUDEH5@YAHOO.COM3088
Early Intervention Behavior Modification Learning Readiness Inclusion Learning Disabilities SUHA( M.H ) S .AL
Mechatronics systems, Robotics, and Intelligent control systems Ahmad M. A. Al-Jarrah 4787
Women's health; Domestic violence; Mental health of adult women; Childhood abuse expeiences of adult women; Measurement Hanan M. A.
- Swirl Flows - Heat Transfer - Renewable Energy Ali M. A.
1. Magnetic materials a) Magnetism in strongly correlated electrons system (f-electron systems and transition-metal oxides). b) Magnetism in thin films and multilayers. 2. Neutron diffraction and neutron-scattering techniques 3. Studies under high pressure and in high magnetic fields 4. Polymers and composite materialsAbdel khaleq M. Al-Saleh Al-Smadialsmadi-abd@yahoo.com4498
Quality management , lean production, e- commerce , operations managament, J.I.T Faisal N. M. Al-Madiغير متوفر4746
Mental Health and Mental Illness Stress and Coping Addiction and Substance abuse Women's Mental Health Job Stressors and Social Support Evidence-besed practice in mental health Clincal errors and Moral distress Obesity, overwigth among adolescence Intimate partner violence Quality of life among mental health nurses Alexithymia Shaher Hamad Ahmad Hamaidehshaher29@yahoo.com5458
Salahuddin M.
(1) Dynamical properties of biopolymers. (2) protein-membrane interactions (3)Synchrotron radiation Ziad Y. A.
• Nonlinear Control Design for Mechatronics Systems • Robotic Systems • Control of MEMS • ٍRenewable Energy Systems • Automotive Systems • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems • Applications of PLC in Industrial AutomationMohammad H. A.
Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations. Mohammad Ahmad Abdelrahman
Early Intervention; Learning Disabilities; Inclusion; Gifted and Creativity; Childhood.Khuloud A. H. , 3318
Tagreed M. F. Al-Alitariq_mousa@hotmail.com4646
- Data Science - E-business, e-commerce, e-governments and service learning. - IS and software development process. - Networking management and grid computing, resource utilization and performance management. - Decision support systems - AIAhmad M.F.
Wonund Care electropbysiology CIMT Technique and StrokAbd Al Majeed R. M. Al Maltyabed_m2001@yahoo.com5534
RESEARCH INTERESTS: 1.Professional development of science and mathematics teachers 2.Applications of Rasch measurement in education & Validation of Scales. 3.Assessment of STEM instruction. 4. Student-centered Learning in Science and Engineering Education. Saed . A. D.
Preventive cardiology, health promotion. Cardiovascular Risk Factors; Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease; Risk Factor Interventions; Open Heart Surgery Management; Cardiac RehabilitationALI. A.A. AL_AMMOURIغير متوفر5448
1. Magnetic solid-phase extraction of organic and inorganic pollutants using multi-walled carbon nanotube and activated carbon. 2. The use of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) for selective preconcentration of organic pollutants. 3. Development of new microwave and ultrasound assisted digestion procedures of solid samples (such as phosphate rock) prior to the determination of certain pollutants. 4. Comparing chromatographic methods with chemometric methods for simultaneous determination of organic pollutants. Amjad. H. M El- Sheikhamjadelsheikh2@yahoo.com4650
Tariq I. M. Shehab 5537
 Abdel-ellah M. A. Al-SHudifatamalmufleh@hotmail.com5507 , 5404
Shorouq S. M. Jaradatshorouqj@yahoo.com4667
Modeling and Simulation of Bio-systems Tissue Engineering Stem Cell Research Human Motion AnalysisLoay (A.W) H. Al-Zu' www.alzube.com4691
- Educational Leadership - Faculty Development - Student Affairs - Higher Education Administration - Educational Administration - Strategic Planning Aieman . A.I.AL-omariaieman66@hotmail.com3106
1. Algorithms and Applied Algorithms 2. Moving Objects 3. Graph Theory 4. Mobile Communications and applicatons 5. e-learning, and e-application Sahar Ata Ahmad
Peace Education. Social Justice Educational Leadership School Administration Higher Education Managing ChangeRana . T. T. AL-Smadi ALSMADIR@MSU.EDU3123
1- Modelling Energy demand 2- Modelling Technical progess in Economic relationships. 3- Applied Econometrics Topics ( Structural Time series modelling, Cointegration time series and panel data, Panel data Estimation. 4- Labour Economics 5- Modelling Technical Progress in Production Function ARQAM ABDUL RAZZAQ M. AL-RABBAIEغير متوفر4982
Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation and physical disabilities Professional issues in Occupational Therapy Hashem S.A. Abu Tariahhashemsalman@hotmail.com5371
Wesam M. A. Awad 
Merfat M. O.
Feras M. O. AL-Dwerifaldweri@uqr.es4298
Chemistry of Carbohydrates and chemistry of HeterocyclesBADER A. B. SALAMEHBADER04@GMAIL.COM4126
(i) Strength and fracture mechanics of notched bars. (ii) Stress-concentration factor, conventional and new strain-concentration factors under different types of loading, (static tension, bending, combined loading, dynamic loading). (iii) Elasticity. (iv) Plasticity. HITHAM M. N.
1. Functional Analysis 2. Point set TopologyHamed M. H.
Environmental stress physiology of plantsEMAD Y. S.
Current research: 1) Electromagnetic scattering by small particles Production of artificial small particles with optimum extinction efficiencies (absorption or scattering) has been interested for electromagnetic shielding applications. The parameters controlled in this process are the shape, size and material contents (complex index of refraction) of such particles, fibers and discs with multilayer constructions are candidates for this process. Long and short wavelength regions are involved in this production process. a) Fiber Shape particles Electromagnetic scattering by small particles with specific shapes (fibers, discs, etc.) has recently elicited interest over the long and short wavelengths spectral regions. These particles can be used as obscurant materials when manufactured with specific geometry and material contents. I studied the electromagnetic response by fiber like particles numerically and experimentally. I have produced an efficient numerical code which calculates the scattering and absorption cross section using two different numerical approaches (Alyones Code). Research is still active at New Mexico state university to produce high efficient fiber like particles in the visible and infrared for electromagnetic shielding application. This research is funded by the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center, U. S. Army through contract DAAD13-03-D-0012 with Science and Technology Corp. b) Disc Shape particles Currently, I am studying the electromagnetic response of disc shape particles numerically and experimentally in collaboration with Prof. Charles Bruce, NMSU. The existing numerical solutions tend to be not working for all disc parameters (size, aspect ratio and index of refraction). This research is funded by the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center, U. S. Army through contract DAAD13-03-D-0012 with Science and Technology Corp. 2) Magnetism I am studying the magnetism in strongly correlated electron systems (f-electron systems and transition metal-oxides) under multi extreme conditions (low temperature, high magnetic field and high pressure) using neutron and x-ray scattering techniques and bulk measurements. This research is performed through collaboration between the Hashemite university, New Mexico state University, Los Alamos national laboratory and NIST. SHARHABEEL S. M. AL
Chemical Speciation, Pre-concentration, Separation, Purification and Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants. Trace and Ultratrace Analysis, ICP-MS (PerkinElmer SCIEX ELAN DRC), Electrochemistry (Autolab-instruments) and Chemometric analysis.ISMAIL I.M. ALFASFOUSغير متوفر4738
Hydrology and Water Resources Modeling Drought Characterization Water Policy Environmental EngineeringZeyad Salem D.
Linear/nonlinear control application for electromechanical systems using different techniques such as Approximate dynamic programming and Neural Network Asma Azmi Munir
1. Photoionization of Atomic and Molecular Ions. 2. Electron Impact Ionization of Atomic and Molecular Ions. 3. Mossbauer Spectroscopy and hyperfine interactions between the nucleus and the nearest neighbors in solids .Ghassan A. M. ALna'
Preformulation and formulation studies for optimization of drugs and skin care products Non-invasive claim substantiation of drugs and skin care products using bioengineering techniques. formulation and process factors affecting in vitro/in vivo performance of drugs and skin care products Formulation and quality control of Dead Sea products particularly Dead Sea mud. Support cosmetic industry in the Middle East and help them comply with the required regulation for registering and marketing their cosmetics. Assessment and development of new skin depigmenting agents especially tyrosinase inhibitors derived from natural sources Provide evidence-based practice for the folkloric use of local herbs in skin related disorders through the use of cultured human skin cells Saja H. M. Hamedsaja_hamed@yahoo.com3441
- Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing - Internet QoS - Performance EvaluationJamal .N. Al-Othman
Human Resource Development Leadership Development Human Capital Planning Knowledge Management Quantitative Decision-Making Business Ethics Program Evaluation/Needs Assessment Training Transfer/learning transfer Research Design and Statistical Analyses Program evaluation/needs assessmentSamer A.S.KHasawnehsamer70802@yahoo.com3904 , 3105
Control Systems. Renewable Energy. System Modeling & Dynamics. Linear and Nonlinear Systems. Mohammad. KH.D.
Mohammad S.A. Jawarnehmsjawarneh@yahoo.com3113
Finite Element Analysis, Composite Material, Time Dependent Analysis (Viscoelastic, Viscoplastic), Elastic-Plastic Analysis, Stress/Structural Analysis, Solid Mechanics, Material Ratchetting, Structural Stability, Life Prediction Analysis, and Material CharacterizationHusam A. A.
Wireless Comm, Information theory and Coding, CDMA systems, DSP Mahmoud . AR. A. Smadiغير متوفر4326
Antennas Frequency selective surfaces Metamaterials Genetic Algorithms SAR effect Renewable EnergyOmar . A.N.Saraerehosaraereh@yahoo.com4649
Areas of Research * Education for Sustainability * Teachers’ preparation * Environmental education * Designing and delivering training programs for teachers. * Integrated approach of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). AHMAD M. A. QABLANahmadgablan@hotmail.com5070
Literary Translation, Nineteenth Century Prose, Modernism in the Americas, Modern Novels and Short StoriesFatima M.S.
Molecular and Photobiophysics. Medical physics. Quantum dots. Organic solar cells. Molecular excited state reactions. Cancer researches. Photosensitizers. Fluorescence, triplet state and singlet oxygen quantum yields. Photobiology. Photochemistry. Drugs as currier systems and modular carrier systems. F?rster energy transfer calculations. Biosensors. Liposome (lipids) as membrane models. C60 as multiplier. Charge-separated state calculation. Electron transfer calculations. Dendrimers. Molecular aggregations. Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF). Wavelength energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF). Fluorescence quenching. Thermodynamics calculations of proteins and lipids. Radon gas measurements.Saleh M. S.
- Numerical Modeling of Geomaterials - Constitutive Equation for Geomaterials - Environmental Geotechnics - Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics - Soil Mechanics and Foundation Omar.H. S.Al- Hattamlehhattamleh@gmail.com5004
- Plant Genetic Diversity - Cereal physiologyAbdll latief . A.
Curriculum Planning and Development - Curriculum Evaluation - Social Skills - Social Values - Methods of Teaching Social Studies - Content Analysis - Technology and Education Salah I. S. Hailatغير متوفر3109
Digital communications systems in general, Wireless communications, statistical signal processing in blind detection and equalization, Blind Multiuser detection techniques (specifically in DS/CDMA systems), Co-channel Interference cancellation, detection in MIMO channels, OFDM, MC-CDMA, data precoding for detection and interference cancellation and equalization, Direction of Arrival (DOA) and delay estimation, Blind detection in multiuser space-time coded systems. Abdul-karim . S.M.Al-Bayatikarim_bayati@hotmail.com4895
Lina . Z.M. Qasimblveeyes_lina@hotmail3119
English Language Education, Reading Assessment, Language Arts Literacy Assessment, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL/EFL), Teaching & Learning Assessment, teacher education, Teacher Assessment Yousef M. K. Al-Shaboulغير متوفر5019
Abdelghafour A. S. Al_Zawahreha_zwahreh@yahoo.com5091
1. Analytical method development 2. Sample treatment and pre-concentration 3. Speciation of metals and non-metals 4. Environmental analysis Jamal A.S. Sweilehjsweileh@hotmail.com5084
1. Semiconductor Materials and Devices 2. Solar Energy 3. Photovoltaic cellsAnas I. Q. Al
Semiconductor and dielectric thin films which cover: a) Fabrication b) Optical properties (transmittance, reflectance, absorption, optical band gap, optical constants, etc.) c) Structural and morphology (X-ray, AFM, SEM, etc.) d) Electrical properties (conductivity, activation energy, carrier concentration and mobility, etc.) e) Applications (junctions, contacts, range of operation, etc.) Akram K. S.
Robust Statistical Methods Statistical Process Control Artificial Neural Networks Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Moustafa O. A.
My scholarly activity focuses mathematical and numerical analysis. More specifically, my work in the field of applied mathematics is situated into three subcategories: (1) mathematical analysis of inverse problems, (2) numerical techniques for nonlinear problems, and (3) soliton theory, especially for complete systems. The research on which I am currently working is twofold. One looks at the high-precision numerical schemes that can be used in solving nonlinear problems related to real world applications. Another is a collaborative study of new numerical techniques for solving integral equations. Fadi A. Y.
 Sadeq H. A. Al-Shudaifat 3053
o Salt damage in porous building materials. o Management and operation of museums. o Ethics and standards of conservation work. o Management of archaeological site. o Weathering mechanism of historical sites and monuments. o Petrography and geochemical analysis of stone materials. o Conservation of archaeological artefacts. o Collection care in museums. o Preventive conservation measures. o Public Archaeology. o Physical and chemical analysis of archaeological materials. o Conservation and management plans for archaeological sites. o Tourism impact on archaeological sites. Fadi Abedallah Yousef , 4481
Modern Drama Modern American Literature Modern English Literature Feminism Medieval Comparative Studies Raja Kh. Y. Al-Khalilirajaa2003@gmail.com3055
*Population plant biology, Applied plant biology, Plant biotic interactions, Weed biology and Biocontrol, Biopesticides, Aerobiology (Fungal spores and Pollen grains).Mohammed H. M. Abu -
creativty and innovation , pysiological process , cognitve process , learning and teaching models , childhood and adolescence issues Ghaleb S. E . ALbadareenGhaleb 122@yahoo.com5051
Psychological wellbeing and social adjustment among children, adolescents, university students, academic staff, and battered and divorced women. Gifted and talented students and their counseling needs Counseling abused and neglected children School family community partnership Play therapy interventions Rational Emotive Education Family and couple counseling School counseling Family violence Souad. M. M. Ghaith 5068
Early Child , Child Abuse , Child GamesIBRAHIM F. A. , 3307
art teacher education, children drawingsKhaledah Kh. M. Zaid
Psychology of Pregnant Women and its effectors (violence, education, demographics)Sanaa .KH. H. Abu-Jilbanabujelban@yahoo.com5452
lifesaving, swimming and physical educationOmar W. A. Zaed Kilany 4418
Dr. Shaher Rababeh, the author of How Petra was Built, is an assistant professor of architecture, the head of the Department of Architecture, and the director of the Department of Engineering Projects at the Hashemite University, Jordan, as well as a member of its Department of Conservation Sciences. He received his BSc in Architectural Engineering from Yarmouk University in 1987. From the University of Oxford he was awarded his MSt in Classical Architecture and DPhil. in Architectural Construction Techniques and Methods of Design, in 2005. His interests include architectural history, construction methods and technology, architectural design and building conservation. His work has covered many major monuments in Jordan, ranging from Petra and Gerasa, the Desert Palaces, to modern buildings. As a result of his combination of academic qualifications, knowledge, experience, and skills he is making a unique contribution to researching and teaching architecture in Jordan. His experience as a practicing architect has given him firsthand knowledge of using the construction materials naturally available in Jordan. He has then applied this to his study of Nabataean construction techniques, discovering and demonstrating how the Nabataeans worked with these to develop their own construction techniques. He has applied this same knowledge to study modern Jordanian architecture, and how identity is expressed in both its ancient and modern forms. Rababeh's focus on buildings involves architectural aspects, such as analyzing how space is used and how this changed with time. His interests are focused on the symbolism of the building and its connection with both the architectural design and the construction techniques used to create spectacular architectural achievements. These include analysis of the structural system employed and the way the building site was organized for large structures. He looks at particular building methods relating to materials and techniques that were developed to allow the builders to construct larger and more complex structures. He then relates these techniques to the social and economic contexts in which they occur and explores how these change over time; from the earliest buildings to the present. His examination of building techniques also demonstrates how the building industry worked, taking into account the availability of the building materials. He has also collaborated with scholars from other disciplines, such as geology, which provides information about the availability of building materials, how this affects earthquake damage. •Cultural Resources Management •Architectural History and Archaeology •Construction Methods and Techniques •Rock-Cut Architecture •Architectural Design and Conservation •Urban Planning and Landscape •Museum Architecture •Classical and Islamic Architecture •Evaluating the Stability of Historic Buildings and their Restoration •Tourism Industry •Environmental Control and Cultural Heritage Protection •Quality Assurance •Construction Management and Safety SHAHER M. A. RABABEHsrababeh@yahoo.com4681
-Design, analysis and simulation of modern active filter circuits including , OTA-C, MOSFET-C and current conveyor active filter. -High frequency limitations of modern filters Hadi. M.Dhadialithawi@yahoo.com4897
Parasitology immunoparasitology Invertebrate zoology Animal biology Microbiologyy Industrial microbiology and biotechnology ABEER M. I FRAIJafraij@yahoo.com4159
Architectural Photogrammetry. Documentation of Cultural Heritage by means of Laser Scanner Laser Scanning and Image segmentation Integration of Surveying Techniques for 2D-3D Heritage Documentation Texture Mapping. Yahya S.Z. , 4674
Nineteenth and Twentieth Century American Literature Detective Friction Travel Literature Literary Theory and Criticism Postmodern Cultural StudiesKifah M.Kh. A.
 Abla said tahtamouniabla76@yahoo.com4740
Sociolinguistics, Semantics, Discourse analysis, Teaching Arabic for non-Native Speakers.Abdullah A. S.
Criticism, Orientalism, Arab-American Relations, American Culture, American CivilizationMarwan M , 3001
- Microbial Physiology - Biomass Energy (Bioenergy) - Fermentation TechnologyMuhannad I. S.
Early childhood education, early childhood teacher education, teacher thinking, teacher training, inclusive education, parental involvement, child-rearing values, child and family rights, early intervention, and children in difficult circumstances. Omayya M. M.
Sajedah M. A. Mohammad 
Sumaia T. A. Mahmoud 
 Mohammad Abdel Majid Moh'd Al Azabazab128@yahoo.com5496
 Mohammad S Da'od 5569
Research Interests • Research in food products development and sensory evaluation (using Hydrocolloids and protein combinations in Mayonnaise, Beverage production, Ice cream, cakes, extruded products, chips, dairy products). • Food products and Human Health (caffeine consumption and chronic diseases) • Evaluate the effect of gums and proteins (whey protein concentrate, wheat protein....etc) in combination on the surface, emulsions properties, and Sensory properties of a fluid food system. • Model, identify, and predict the surface properties of a protein-gum interactions using a fuzzy clustering model. • Research in food engineering, Extrusion, rheology, food microstructure imaging, structure-texture relationships. • Develop a rapid and reliable estimation method using techniques such as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and imaging to study the characteristics of food products. • Providing expert consulting services for food production industry MAHAMOUD H. M. ABU GHOUSHabughoush@hotmail.com5430
Hospital Infection Control and Prevention Prevention of Chronic DiseasesZeinab
Mohammed .A .A Salahatmdsalahat@gmail.com4867
See my CVAbed_Al-Raouf Salem H. Mayyasa_s_mayyas@hotmail.com4910
Manal S. M. Hamad 5425
* Earthquake Engineering, analysis and design. * Performance-based seismic engineering. * Behavior and design of reinforced concrete and Prestressed concrete structures. * Sound waves propagation and noise isolation Hazim .M. M.
The study of disorder, nanocrystallinity and crystallographically challenged materials with pair distribution functions Mouath G.S.
1.Computer simulations of molecules at solid surfaces. 2.Currently examining the structures of multilayers adsorbed on ionic crystal surfaces such as the D2/MgO(001) and D2/NaCl(001) systems. 3.NMR spectroscopy by studying the effect of solvent and molecular geometry on the spin-spin coupling constants. 4.Transition states structures of small molecules adsorbed on Zeolites. Jamal . N. E. Dawouddawoud_14@yahoo.com4396
Studying the direct nuclear reacions at stellar energies using the Asymptotic Normalization coefficients. Studying the nuclear structure of light and heavy elementsTariq A. A. Al-Abdullahغير متوفر4491
Literacy Development in Early Childhood Methods of Teaching Language Skills for Children The Use of ICT in Children's Learning Children's Literature and How to write for Children Parental Involvement in Pre-school Programmes Kindergarten Teacher Education FATHI M. S.
* Item Response Theory * Rasch Analysis * Scale Development * Classical Test Theory Mutasem .M. M.Akourغير متوفر4888
Cancer arises from changes in basic cell functions. My lab studies cellular alternations leading to cancer for a better understanding of its initiation and development. This information can help in creating and improving cancer treatments. The lab different projects focus on: Cell migration, adhesion and metastasis; Mitochondrial function and apoptosis; Cytoskeleton and related proteins; Cell cycle and Anti-tumor drugs screening. My lab collaborates with other researches interested in basic, translational and clinical sciences. The same biological concepts are applied in the lab projects studying male infertility.Lubna H. T.
In Tourism: Sustaianble Tourism Development; Public Invlovement; Behavior of Tourists; Cultural Ineraction in Tourism; Perceptions of Local Communities about Tourism Development. In Archaeology: Herodian Coins; Symbolism in Ancient Civilizations Mairna H. M. mairnamustafa@yahoo.com5103
My research interest is in cell signaling. Signal transduction refers to the biochemical processes by which cells respond to signal in their internal or external environment. Many of the biochemical pathways that conduct such information are found in all cells across widely divergent species. Thus, understanding of these regulatory systems is essential to the work of most biologists in the basic and applied life sciences. Because signal transduction mechanisms are the natural control circuits that regulate biological systems, they are targets for the development of therapeutic agents to combat disease. I also adopt an interdisciplinary approach towards science which through knowledge creation and information sharing provides a novel perspective towards science. This is especially important in signaling research where the complexity of the problems demands an interdisciplinary approach. Such an approach provides a wide range of connections with researches in both fields which helpRana Basem (Mohammed Rebhi) , 4394
1. Micro-aggregation Techniques. 2. Security in Statistical Databases 3. Algorithms and Applied Algorithm. 4. Pattern Recognition. 5. Learning Automaton. 6. Mobile Technology. 7. Natural Language Processing. 8. e-learning. Ebaa N E. O.
Ancient Near eastern Civilizations, Semitic Onomastic,Semitic Epigraphy, Semitic Philology, Cultural Studies, Ancient Arab History, Heritage and archaeology Sultan A. J. El-Maanimaanisultan@yahoo.com4990
Artificial Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Network Algorithms, Algorithms.Yousef M. A.
- Electronic and Microelectronic - Renewable Energy systems (Photovoltaic energy Systems and Wind Energy systems - Energy conversion - Micro-Controller Tracking Photovoltaic System -Issa Y. H.
International Joint ventures, Knowledge Management, Online ForumsRADWAN A. R. KHARABSHEHACOMA31@hotmail.com4626
Prevention of aging diseases through Nutrition and Exercise Nutrition and Physical PerformanceMo'ath F. M.
• Translation and Cultural Studies; • Translation and Postcolonialism; • Translation: Foreignization vs. Domestication • Postcolonial literature • Literary theory and criticism • Middle Eastern literature • Orientalism.Qusai A. R.
- Medical nutrition therapy - Evidence based nutrition: Meta-analyses - Functional foods and nutraceuitcals for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. - Plant sterols (phytosterols) - Health claims - Lipid metabolism - Nutritional assessment - Nutrigenomic and Nutrigenetic Suhad S. Q.
• MRI of Neurodegenerative diseases. • MRI of spinal cord injury. • Imaging the iron stores in the brain of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease using the quantitative magnetic susceptibility mapping technique (QSM). • Quantitative assessment of demyelination using different mapping techniques such as Magnetization Transfer Ratio (MTR), longitudinal relaxation time (T1), transverse relaxation time (T2), pseudo-relaxation time (T2*), and proton density (PD). • Cortical thickness, volume and area measurements and mapping in different neurodegenerative diseases. • Brain Diffusion MRI. • Brain Perfusion MRI. • Studying the recovery from optic neuritis in patients with multiple sclerosis using functional MRI techniques. • MRI tracking of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. • Abdominal fat measurement using MRI. • Hepatic fat assessment using MRI. • Hydatid cyst imaging Ali Mohammad Ibrahim , 5364
1- Metric Spaces 2- Fixed point Theory 3- Applications of fixed point theoryZead Y. S.
Huda A Y. Yousef 5468
Amer K. D. Ababnehغير متوفر5156
1. Chelating complexes of lithium with organophosphonates and Development of analytical methods for extraction of lithium from aqueous solutions. 2. Development of new method for producing aqueous dispersions of carbon monoxide copolymers with olefins in presence of palladium complex catalysts. 3. Bioequivalence Study of the Drug. 4. Development of analytical methods for environmental pollutants. Mahmoud SH. A. Sunjuksunjuk2000@hotmail.com5235
• Risk Management, Banking and Financial Institutions, International Finance, and corporate Finance.Ahmad . Y. A. KHasawnehغير متوفر4426
Functional Analysis, Matrix Analysis and Operator TheoryOMAR. I. A.
Adolescent tobacco use. Smoking behavior change. Acculturation and Arab-Americans Workplace Violence Among Nurses in Jordan HospitalsHasan Dheifallah Hasan
Ibrahim A. M. Salamehdribrahem@yahoo.com4832
 Ahmad mahmoud mohammed qamarahmaqam@yahoo.com4513
 Moayad A.M. Wahshehmoayadw@hotmail.com5077
SPORT MANAGEMENT Leadership Psychological burnout Job stress Sport marketing Human resource management T. Q. M. Ziad L. S. AL-Tahaynehsaifziad@yahoo.com4836
Survival analysis, Biostatistics, Sampling theory and Aapplied Statistics, Statistical Computations.Hilmi Fadel Saleh
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Language Acquisition, Curiculum Development, Instructional Strategies, Developing Academic WritingSahail. M. M. Asassfehغير متوفر3142
- Prosody - Phonetics and Phonology - Psycholinguistics - Arabic linguistics - Second Language Acquisition - Lexical semanticsWael M. S. Zuraiqwzuraiq@gmail.com3004
Abdullah I . Y .
Exercise Physilogy: Recovery And Adaptations, Supplements Ali Moh'd Ali Al-Nawaisehnawaiseh_a@yahoo.com5065
Biofluids, computational fluid dynamics, Biomechanics, Biomaterials.Thakir D. J. Almomanithakir2000@yahoo.com4767
I specialize in the cross-linguistic study of the morphosyntactic representation of “Defaultness” at the synchronic and diachronic levels. I am also investigating the mechanism of “Grammaticalization” as represented in the morphosyntactic elements in Jordanian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Sabri. Shehadeh .Y. Al-Shboulsshboul@yahoo.com3007
Artificial Intelligence Applying genetic algorithms for numerical integration on complex domains for meshfree methods. Applying fuzzy logic and neural networks for nonlinear control problems. Using genetic algorithms for optimal control problems. Numerical integration in R3: In this thesis we discuss efficient techniques for numerical integration in R1 and R2. The next step is to expand numerical integration for the method of finite spheres to three-dimensions. Three-dimensional numerical integration on an arbitrary domain is the first step in applying the method of finite spheres to more realistic and complex problems. • Application to large deformation and fracture problems: One of the key advantages to the method of finite spheres is the potential to model problems with large deformation and fracture without the need for remeshing. Our next step in this research is to advance the computational technology to handle such problems. The use of the lookup table approach for the total Lagrangian technique is straightforward. However, its use with the updated Lagrangian formulation would require further work. • Application to multiscale problems: Although there is significant research to develop continuum theories for problems with micron and nano scale, most of these theories cannot cover the wide range of material behavior at the different length scales. Multiscale modeling is being widely investigated because of its ability to describe and model material behavior at deferent length scales, and using meshfree methods such as the method of finite spheres offer a great flexibility for adopting and incorporating different models and material behavior. There are two ways the new integration method may be used to advantage. In hierarchical multiscale methods such as the ones based on asymptotic homogenization and structural enrichment-based techniques, highly complex domain integrals arise which may be efficiently computed using this method. In concurrent multiscale methods, where continuum and atomistic methods are coupled in a single simulation scheme, the new integration approach may be used for the continuum for seamless message passing to and from the nonlocal parts of the computational domain. • Application to other meshfree methods: Most meshfree methods use rational nonpolynomial interpolation functions and the integration domains are usually more complex the in the traditional finite element method. Using the new numerical integration method with different meshfree methods will result in a more efficient approximation schemes and will open the opportunity to explore the potential of these methods. Suleiman M. S. Bani
During my work at The Hashemite University I have started the following research areas in participation with my colleagues: 1. Application of second-order multivariate calibration methods (PARAFAC, ATLD, SWALTD, N-PLS, and U-PLS) in chemical analysis. 2. Developing new analytical producers for determination of heating values of common fuels and different carbonaceous materials. 3. Developing new chromatographic procedures for determination of melamine, food dyes, unit-oxidants, and preservatives in food and food products. 4. Application of Artificial Neural Networks in chemical analysis and for clustering purposes. 5. Application of first-order multivariate calibration methods (CLS, ILS, PCR, PLS-1 & 2, and NAS-based methods) for simultaneous determination of organic pollutants (dyes, pesticides, and detergents) in wastewater and active ingredients in drugs formulations. 6. Application of natural Jordanian silicate adsorbents (zeolite, clay, and diatomite) in metals and organics adsorption and separation. 7. Developing chromatographic supports from raw Jordanian diatomite and other natural silicate minerals. 8. Solid–phase extraction of trace metals using activated carbon, multiwalled nanotube activated carbon and molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP). Yahya S. A. Al-Degsyaldegs@yahoo.com4742
Integrated Heritage Management Information and Communication Technology Application in Heritage Management Good Governance and Sustainable Heritage Management
Adnan M.H. Haiajnaغير متوفر4795 , 4402 , 4241
1) Conventional and Permanent-Magnet Electrical Machines Design. 2) Finite Element Technique. 3) Bifurcation Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control. 4) Subsynchronous Resonance in Power Systems (Analysis & Control). 5) Power System and Electrical Machine Dynamics. 6) Renewable and Hybrid Energy Systems (Wind and Photovoltaic) 7) Dynamical Analysis of Various PV-Powered and Hybrid Electrical Systems. Mohammad .S. M.
Religious Translation (mainly Islamic Religious Discourse), Translation and Semantics, Literary Translation (English-Arabic-English), Lexical Semantics, Cultural Translation, and Arabic Poetry CompositionBakri H. S. Al-Azzambakriazzam2013@gmail.com3077
- Self-Regulated Learning - Motivation, Learning Goals - Study Skills and Strategies - Beliefs that Affect Learning - Instructional Technology - E-Learning and Distance Education RANDA A.SH. ALMAHASNEHr_mahasneh@hotmail.com4291 , 4198
• Doctoral dissertation: “Polynomial and Finite-Type Invariants of ?-curves”. • Research Interest: - Algebraic topology: Invariants of knots, links and spatial graphs. - Different topics in point-set topology and studying topological characterizations of specific spaces in Functional Analysis. - Abstract algebra: Some applications in groups and rings such as automorphisms, ideals and prime superideals. - Recently: Applied Mathematics in different areas. Mohammad M. F.
Research interests are in Traffic safety studies, highway pavements and materials, evaluating pavement materials using Image analysis techniques, evaluating the use of recycled materials on pavement performanceTaleb. M T
* Optimal planning and construction of infrastructure systems. * Information technology in construction. * Multi-objective optimization in construction * Automated Decision Support Systems in construction. Khaled. H .R
- Health Assessments of Structures - Structural Dynamics - Earthquake Analysis and Design - System Identification - Finite Element Analysis - Nonlinear Analysis of Structures - Optimization - Improving the properties of concrete Hasan .N .
RAIDA M. M. AKHO ZAHIEHغير متوفر3050
Grid computing Cloud computing Network security Computer networks Computer systems Wireless Sensor Networks E-commerce Performance evaluationMohammad . A . M.
Raed Ali Hussain
Macroeconomics Fiscal Policy Labor Market Economics Econometrics ApplicationsAla' Ghaleb Mahmood
The international economy, especially with regard to foreign direct investment, aid, loans and other forms of international financingSamer Ali Abdelfattah
Critical Oncology Nursing, Oncological Emergencies, Quality of Oncology Care, Oncology Quality Improvement, and Evidence based Practice in Oncology Nursing .Anas Moh'd Ismail Alsharawnehashdod_86@yahoo.com5443
 Abdullah Mazen Mohammad
My research interests are concerned with Accounting and Financial Information Systems, IFRS, Financial Simulation Modelling and Risk Analysis, Accounting and Business Intelligence, IT Auditing and Forensic Accounting.ebrahim mahmoud abd elhameed mansour 4210
child and Adolescent health , behaviors , chronic diseases ,obesity, health promotion Manal .Ibrahim .A.
routing protocols for wireless Ad Hoc networks congestion for wireless networks security in wireless networks programming languages design Muhsen .Hasan .Muhsen .AlKHalidysanta_cruz11@yahoo.com4899
Renewable Energy Heat Transfer Computational Fluid Mechanics "CFD" Nano-scale Fluid-Structure interaction (Molecular Dynamics) Nano-scale Heat transfer and Fluid mechanics (Molecular Dynamics)ahmad khaled nayel almigdady 
MOLECULAR PATHO-PHYSIOLOGYFoad Easa Ahmed Alzoughoolalzoughool_f@yahoo.com5593
Hesham Ahmad Flaih Al momani 4682
Optimization Feature/Variable Selection Algorithms Artificial Intelligence (Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization, Differential Evolution) Data Analysis Quality Control Operation Management Production Planning Operations ResearchAkram Saleh Mousa
Neuro surgery. Spine surgery. Salem Yousef Salem
Teaching mathematics, and the use of technology applications in teaching mathematics, mathematical thinkingMohammad Ahmad Hamed Al-khateebelkhatib_muhammed@yahoo.com3099
CARDIOVASCULARSherif Ahmed Elsayed
 Ahmed Shaaban Abouseif
Mo'tasem .Moh'd .Defallah .
.Mohammad Hani Mohammad Aboodabood892000@yahoo.com3112 , 3096
Multi-robotic systems, UAVs, Robotics and Automation Mohammad Radi Mohammad Hayajnehhayajneh09gmail.com4757
- A.1) Design implemented and evaluated innovative pharmacy and medicine management services. A.2) Expand the professional role of pharmacists to the public awareness and professional Integrated Medicine Management services. A. 3) Assessment and enhance both health care system and patient oriented outcomes B.1) Support and lead advanced-level competencies for specialised pharmacists B.2) Improving personal pharmacists’ effectiveness and efficiency to achieve enhanced outcomes, for self-management, people management and medicines management. Mohanad Mousa Taha Odehjustpharmd@yahoo.com3445
 Mohammad Issa U'wais Alhusbanhusban_m@yahoo.com3227
Machine Learning, Computer vision and Multimedia.Fairouz Farouq Fayiz
Eyad Ahmad Mohammed Youneseyadyounes@yahoo.com4572
Molecular biology and genetics of CNS tumors Outcomes in spine surgery Ala'a Abdulrahman Issa
Bilal. Ali .Ibrahim. Abu
1 - child-rearing 2 - Domestic Violence 3 - 4 mental health - and their impact on drug events 5 - socialization 6 - mental and psychological disorders 7 - 8 adolescence - smoking and its impact on children 9 - fears children 10 - AutismHaitham Salem Saleem Baibarshbaibers@yahoo.com3303
DataCenter Networks. Cloud Computing Networks. Virtualized Networks. Behavior-Based Network Security. Markov Decision Theory. Ahmad Nahar Ahmad Quttoumquttoum.ahmad@courrier.uqam.ca4859
1. Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Illnesses; mainly in patients receiving hemodialysis treatment 2. General Well-Being of Patients with Chronic Illnesses; mainly in patients receiving hemodialysis treatment 3. Spirituality and Religion and their effects on Quality of Life and General Well-Being 4. Nursing Updates on caring for Patients with Chronic IllnessesAli Ahmad Moh'd Al-Shraifeenalshra25@yahoo.com5571
Back pain Joint pain Brain MRI Musculoskeletal injuries and pathologiesZaid Modhi Mohammad Mansourzaid.modhi@gmail.com5411
Diabetes, Endothelial dysfunction, Fluorescent imaging, Cancer chemoresistance, E-smoking, AddictionHeba Abdoul Razzak Ramadan Khaderhiba_khader@yahoo.com3443
cancer molecular biologyWalaa Bayomie Abdulwahhab
Bio-Nano Technilogy Biosensors Biostatistics Artificial limbs Bio-Instrumentations Salah el-deen Mofleh Falah
Sohail Yousef Hussain
Othman Ahmed Ali Smadi 5105
hisham abd alfattah eteiwi almakaninh_makaneen@yahoo.com3313
political systems , political parties , political foreign Anoud Abdel Rahman Abdullah
Computer Architecture. multicore systems. maniy integrated core systems. SOC design. Performance evaluation and tuning.Dheya Ghazi Yassin
-Data Mining -Cloud Computing -Machine Learning - Information RetrievalDuha(Moh'd Basam) Aref
Software Engineering - Software Project Management - Risk Management - Software Quality Assurance - eLearning - Artificial Neural Networks - Natural Language ProcessingHaneen Khaled Abdelrahman
plastic arts/paintingAmal Ibrahim Ahmad
Carried out research in relationship between nutrients and cycling of organic nitrogen and other organic compound in the environment and I am also interested in understanding the distribution of dissolved organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in the seawater, and also in investigating the ecological effect of the red sea water transfer to the dead sea water. moh'd ali moh'd wedyanmwedyan@yahoo.com5244
traffic safety,transportation planning and management,and Artificial intelligence and soft computing applications in transportation engineering.Randa Oqab Mohammad Mujallirmujalli@yahoo.com4777
High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Performance Analysis and Improvement, Parallel Programming, Algorithms.Ahmad Rafi Mohammad
Ali Mustafa Ali Alelaimataliolaimat_2000@yahoo.com3311
Cancer Cancer Pain Management Signs and symptoms management Hospice and Palliative Care Quality of life Coping Nijmeh M. H. AL-Atiyyat 
Multimedia Security Networks, Digital Forensics Database constraints 3D Graphics Patter RecognitionEmad Eddien. A. A.
Artificial Intelligence Mo'taz Abdul Aziz Al-hamimotazhami@gmail.com4484
Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Methods and Molecular Microbiology. Infectious Meningitis, Helicobacter pylori, Strongyloides stercoralis, Burkholderia pseudomallei, Multi-locus Sequence Genotyping, Tropical Infectious diseases, Clinical and Molecular EpidemiologyAbdel Rahman Mohammad Abdallah Zue'terzeuterabdelrahman@gmail.com5378
My research interests include: dimensionality reduction, computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning and its applications to Video analysis. During my PhD study, I have developed a novel technique for Tracking and Fine-Grained activities in Depth videosSari Moh'd Ismaeil
General Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition Moh'd Ahmad Khaled Al-omariomarilinguistics@yahoo.com3216 , 3008
Ezzat SHareef Ezzat GHaidan 
Manal Mahmoud Mohammad
Dr. Aljarrah's research interests lie in the general area of (a)Thermodynamic of materials (b) Alloy development (c) Structure-Property relationships (d) Modeling using computational tools (e) Machining, end-milling (f) Modeling of mechanical response of materials (g) Nano-materials Mohammad Musbah Ali Aljarrahjarrah362003@yahoo.com4892
• Analysis, Functional analysis and its applications, Inequalities, Operator theory, Matrix analysis and its applications, Number Theory.Feras .Ali .Suleiman .Bani Ahmadfbaniahmad@yahoo.com5104
• Primary and Secondary prevention for patients with cardiovascular disease • Coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors assessment and prevention • Quality of Life of Patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) • Illness perceptions and learning needs of patients post percutaneous coronary intervention PCI. • Nursing Updates on caring for Patients with Chronic Illnesses • Refugees Health • Educational need of CHD Patients • The effects of health beliefs on health care seeking decisions of Jordanian patients with myocardial infarction. Ala' Fawzi Rashed Ashouraashour76@yahoo.com5453
Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), Data mining, the application of data mining in the context of unusual data sets, Information Retrieval Systems, Information System, Machine Learning and Syntactical and Statistical Pattern Recognition. Subhieh (Moh'd Faraj) S.
Control Systems Ayat Abdullah Muhammad
 Alaa Abd-Alazeez , 4704
1- Nitrene, Carbene and Ylide Chemistry: Matrix Photochemistry, Flash Vacuum Thermolysis, and Spectroscopy: NMR, IR, UV, Mass spectrometries, XRD and DSC. 2- Computational Chemistry: modern ab initio and DFT calculations of molecular structure, spectra and energies as an adjunct to experimental studies of reactivity and mechanism. 3- Medicinal Heterocyclic Chemistry: synthesis of 1,3-diazepines as anti-psychotic compounds; quinolone and naphthyridone antibiotics also the synthesis of novel antioxidants (Indoloquinone) that can be used as anticancer drugs. 4- Syntheses and characterization of star polymer (dendrimers) compounds that can be used as a drug delivery agent. 5- Nanochemistry, composites and low temperature superconductors. Majed Hamad Mohammad
Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Women Studies, Post-colonial Theory and FeminismAbdullah Fawaz Hamed Al-badarnehabdullah_bd2001@yahoo.com3002
Heat transfer in porous media (single and two phase flow) in Air Conditioning Field. • Solar Energy and renewable energy • Air conditioning and Refrigeration(Alternative Refrigerants) • Linear and nonlinear vibrations (chaotic motion). • Fluid mechanics and Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). • Theory of elasticity and plasticity.Mohammad Abdel Aziz Jum'ah Altarawnehmtar413@yahoo.com5106
parallel computing, Data Mining Programming models Salah Aldeen Mohammed Mahmoud Ta'amnehtaamneh_07@hotmail.com4911
 Radi Mahmoud Ahmad
Hafez Abedal-wali Oqlah Al-Momani 5380
Paediatric Orthopaedics Adult Knee Surgery TraumaSaeed Eyad Saeed
• Operations Research • Modeling and Simulation • Production Management • Stochastic Systems • Manufacturing Engineering Management • Operations Management and Optimization • Statistics, Probability and Reliability Engineering • Photovoltaic Systems and thin filmsMohammad Mahmoud Saad Hamashamhamash1@binghamton.edu4679
Molecular parasitology, Parasite-host interaction, Invertebrates, DNA barcoding.Fouad El-Shehabifouad_ss@hotmail.com5039
Bashar Igried Deb Alkhawaldehbashar.igried@yahoo.com4378
zero-divisor graphRania .Yasin.Mohammad .Shaqbou'
Applied MathematicsAla'.Mohammad. Abdellatif .Qadomialaaqadoome@yahoo.com5085
 Wafa'. Za'al . Mohammad . Alma'aitahwbe_smiling@yahoo.com4963 , 4123
Multi-drug resistance bacterial infections Paper based blood grouping assays Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) andh prostate cancer in JordanMohammad Abdul-Wahap Farhan Al-Tamimial-tamimi80@yahoo.com5563 , 5426
Ashraf Ibrahim Mahmoud Khasawnehashraf-doc2000@yahoo.com5562
 Nader Fahmi Ibrahim Alzyoudnyazan@hotmail.com3095
Software engineering with focus on software evolution, program comprehension, software maintenance and mining software repositories.Maen .Mohammad .Mustafa
Amal Jamal Moh'd Alkhatibamalalkhateeb@yahoo.com3310 , 3302
AOTF AOTF Spectrometers Spectroscopy Spectrometry Radiometry Image EncryptionٌRula Mahmoud Hussein Tawalbehtawalbeh@gmail.com4638 , 4483
Information systems:E-learning Systems/ E-Business / E-Government Formal Software ModelsRanda. Ali. Mohammad
Eaman mohmad ahmad
Solar energy and renewable energy Thermal and fluid sciences Applied Mechanics Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Bani Yaseenmec_eng2005@yahoo.com4677
Could Computing Cyber Security Image Processing Virtual Reality Data MiningAla' Said Mohammad Mughaidala.mughaid@gmail.com4979
Clinical Reasoning Skills; Manual Therapy; Musculoskeletal Injuries; Chronic Pain; Continued Education; Approaches to teaching and learningMohammad Abdelfattah Atallah Madimmadi212@yahoo.com5577
Bigdata Analytics Machine Learning Data Mining Bioinformatics Parallel Computing Cloud ComputingMajdi Ahmad Mosa
Differential-Algebreic Equations, Partial differential equations, Continuous Genetic AlgorithmOmar Mohammad Rebhy Salem Sayyed Ahmadomsayyed@yahoo.com5076
I am interested in applications of machine learning and optimization to various aspects of resource management in wireless networks. Currently I’m focusing on applications of learning and decision making applied to mobile computing devices and developing rich, structured models that are appropriate for both making and learning decisions.Ayoub Mohammad Falah Alsarhan 5063
Software Measurement and Metrology Software Quality Engineering Non Functional Requirements (Measurement, Identification and Specification) Software Engineering Standards (ECSS, IEEE and ISO) KHalid Torki Yaser
-Gastrointestinal malignancy. -Anorectal pathology. -IBD diseases. -Metabolic surgery. -Colorectal malignancy. -Breast pathology. -Breast cancer prevention and screening. -Trauma and Burn. -Endocrine pathology. -Medical Education.Hamzeh Ibrahim Mahmoud
Macroeconomics Microeconomics Economic development Economics of higher education Health Economics International migration Rasha (Moh'd Said) Amin 4335
Lu'ay Mohammad Sulaiman
Electronic Packages Characterization and Finite element Modeling Finite Element Model Correlation and Validation Vibration Testing/Measurement Mathematical Modeling.Mohammad Ahmad Falah Gharaibehmohd_gh@hotmail.com4771
Competition Law- Commercial Law- Company Law- Assessing Enforcement Policies Ali Abdel Mahdi Abdallah Massadehali.massadeh@gmail.com4183
Machine learning and its applications in software engineering and computer vision. Ahmed Fawzi Ali , 4376
ghaida hamed faraj al_biltajigbiltaji@yahoo.com3035
StatosticsAla'a Mahmoud Faleh Batainehabataineh2004@yahoo.com4932
 Joel Fuller
 Hamza Habis To'ma Almustafa 
Ashraf Abidrabbu SuLeiman
My current research interest is focused in the area of electrical power systems, smart grid, load forecasting as well as control system and modelling of energy storage systems. These interests include control of energy storage and power systems based on load forecasting. Recent areas have included: *Load Forecasting Modelling: Quantifying low voltage network demand uncertainty, developing different forecasts for network planning and management, and utilising scenario forecasts to estimate the impact of using energy storage systems in the low voltage network. * Control: Utilising forecasting methodologies to optimise the control of energy storage devices connected to the low voltage network. * Optimisation: Applying optimisation methods such as stochastic model predictive control and genetic algorithm to optimally simulate network loads. Investigating the forecast error impact on the performance of optimal control model.Feras Muhieddin Mahmoud Alasaliferasasali@yahoo.com4894
Neurophysiology of epilepsy and antepileptic drugs Learning and memory Medical educaction Subjective visual vertical Zuheir Ahmad Khalil Hasanyazanzah@hotmail.com5573
Drone assisted communication networks. Stochastic geometry. Backscatter communication. Public safety networks. Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML). Network optimization. Internet of things (IoT). Cooperative communications networks. Cognitive radio and Ad-Hoc networks.Ali Mohammad Ali Hayajnehali.hayajneh@gmail.com5233
 zohair hussein mohammad al-zoubizohair791@yahoo.com3094
 omar taissir abed elrahman bataineh 3127 , 3120
- Emotional intelligence. - Multiple intelligence. - Personality. - Statistics. ahmad mohammad musa mahasanehahmadmosa@yahoo.com3148
 Benjamin Rowland
 Ziad Mansour Khalf Alkhazalehziad.kaza@yahoo.com3093
Addy . Majed .Abd alkarem .al-Qura'an 5083 , 4593
1- Natural Language processing (NLP) include text/ document classification, text summarization and Information Retrieval. 2- Artificial intelligence (AI) research and Augmented reality (AR). 3- e-learning Systems and Course management system. 4- e-commerce, s-commerce and m-commerce. Aayat . Mahmoud .Kassab. ShdaifatAayat2020@yahoo.com4670
Soil improvment Pile foundation earth structure Hussien Hamdan Dabwan
** My research interests include: - Collaborative software development in virtual environments and social networking. - Studying social interactions in social networks and online environments, including Facebook and SourceForge. ** Primary research objective is to develop and study tools that improve the collaboration among geographically distributed teams by supporting better awareness and social presence. Hani Ahmad Khalf
nael mosa mahmmod sarhan 4558
-neo-historicism - Feminism -postcolonialism - Stylistics - Psychoanalytic criticism -women studies -Existential criticism noor basem morshed abu madi 4401
Psychological problems for adolescents & refugees Divorced & abused women Psychological needs of university studentsfatin abdulrahman hussien
Mohammad Kamel Ahmad KHarabshehmohkh86@yahoo.com5042 , 3224
Ancient Arabic criticism - Arabic rhetoric - Ancient literature - Kuranic and prophetic Rhetoric.Mahmoud Issa Mohammad Azzam 
•Stochastic processes •Ranking and selection procedures for stochastic Simulation •Ordinal optimization and optimal computing budget allocation procedures •Computer simulation of stochastic systems Mohammad Hani Mufleh Almomanimh_momani@yahoo.com5243
 Heather Lea
Anchorage to Concrete Prestressed Concrete Earthquake Engineering Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement Structural DynamicsAhmad Nawaf Abdelhamid
Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Accounting education, Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Governance.Hashem Abed Allah Sowan Al-ShurafatH0800H@GMAIL.COM
 Khalid Mahmoud Helal
Awad Faek Ahmad
Complex analysis, Hilbert Spaces, Entire Functions, Sampling Theory.Sa'ud Shehab Mohammad Al-Sa'
Financial accounting taxation IFRS versus US GAAP Internal control system Forensic Accounting Accounting Information System walid muhammad mahmoud masadehw.masadeh71@yahoo.com4349
Power Systems, Synchrophasors, Energy Conversion and Motor Drives,Power Electronics, Grid Connected Power Electronics, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation.Mahmood Shihadeh Mahmoud Saadehsaadeh_mahmood@yahoo.com4837
condensed matter physics Anas Yousef Nimer Al
? The effects, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of anticancer drug combinations. ? Cancer cell stress response mechanisms. ? Involvement of autophagy in sensitivity and resistance to cytotoxic and targeted cancer therapy. ? The contribution of senescence to the anticancer therapy outcomes. ? The molecular and biochemical basis of therapy-induced senescence, tumor dormancy and recurrence. ? Novel uses of senolytic drugs for cancer prevention and treatment. Tareq Nizar Rashad Salehtareqsaleh88@hotmail.com5574
Parallel Databases Distributed Databases Artificial Intelligence Grid ComputingFeras .Ahmad .Hamid .
Enas Mohammad Elayan
Medical imaging, biomedical image processing (DIP), biomedical signal processing (DSP), 2-D and 3-D quality assurance of x-ray radiotherapy, prediction of 3-D structures of nucleic acids, 3-D ultrasound imaging, ultrasonic elasticity imaging.Samer .Izzat .Hasan .Awad 4765
Polymer Gel Dosimeters Radio-chromic Film and Solution DosimetersKHalid .Ahmed .Majali .Raba'ehkhalid2004@yahoo.com5492 , 5414
1. Monetary Economics 2. International Economics 3. EconometricsHatem Faour Qasem Al_Hindawi 5041
commercial banks, Islamic Banks and risk Management & InsuranceMaher Mohammad Saleh
Safa'a Muhsen Abdel Latif Ahmed 4168
My principal research interests are in the field of Digital Signature Schemes, Number Theory, Cryptography, Fixed Point theorem and Applications of Fixed point Theorem.Nedal Mohammad Fandi Tahatnidal730@hotmail.com4562
Natural Language Processing, eLearning Systems, Data Mining.Marwah Mustafa Alian Abdel Rahimmarwah2001@yahoo.com4689
Methods and Style of Teaching Physical Education, Teaching to special needsMo'een Ahmad Abdullah
motivation, learning, teaching models, mental abilitiesTHa'er Ahmad Fadhil Ghbarithaer_a_ghbari@yahoo.com3146
Modern criticism, reading and analysis, teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.Suleiman Salem Suleiman Alfarin 4724
Arabic Curricula. Arabic Language Teaching Methodology. language Competency.Mahmoud Hasan Masa'd Alkhaza'
Psycho-trauma, Rehabilitation for traumatized patients, Refugee psychological and social problems.Jalal Kayed Mustafa Damradjalal2001@hotmail.com3905
Leadership and Management in Nursing, Quality of Nursing care, work environment, job satisfaction, burnout and empowerment.Rula H.I. Mdallalrmudallal@yahoo.com5552
Research interest spans a wide range of topics linked by the themes of low cost clean technologies for drinking and wastewater treatmentDheaya' (Moh'dAli) Salameh
To understand the evolutionary and developmental basis underlying the growth of vertebrate and invertebrate embryos. To determine the genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of medicinal plant extracts on mammalian cells. To explore the effects of combination compounds on the growth of breast cancer cells Seba Jamal Najem , 4360
My research interests include use the new technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing to better understanding and solve natural resources related problems. My goal is to develop effectual methods that can provide scientists and decision makers with information that can be used to afford natural, agricultural including animal production, and human societies with a sustainable development. Mohammed Nasser Ismaeel Sawalhahsawalhah@nmsu.edu3257
 Abdallah Hasan Abdallah Alalawin 4577
 Dhikra Nabil Saifuldin
Resource allocation Techniques for 5G and beyond wireless communication networks, convex optimization, Non-orthogonal Multiple access, machine learning, energy harvesting, multiple antenna techniques Haitham Moffaqq Khattar (Al-obiedollah)
Psychology of Architecture Architecture and Technology Sustainable DesignRama Jehad Shaher
• Information system evaluation • The Application of IS/ IT Investment evaluation and benefit realization in organization • Justification of IS decisions making process and factors affecting decision makers and outcome • Socio-political view of IS/IT investment evaluation • IT impact on organization performance • E-Government restricting barriers • Information Technology adoption • E-commerce Fayiz Dahash Sayyah
old literature and criticism|Fatima Hasan Hussein Alsarahnifatimasarahneh@yahoo.com3031
Taqi Aldin (Mohammed Said) T.
SHaden .Abdul-Fattah .Mohammad .Al-Bustanjis_bostanji@yahoo.com5495
Comparative Literature Literary theory Literary translation Literary criticism Spanish Language teaching Cultural studies Mohammad . Daher .Abed Alhameed .Ababnehmta20032001@yahoo.fr4429
Exercise physiology / sports training / gymnastic /rhythmic movements / aerobic exercisesAmal .Mohammad .Hasan .Al Hamad 4552
Ayoub .Hamdan .Mahmoud Al-Rousanayoubalrousan@hotmail.com3309
Dia works in the following areas. o Service quality. o Customer satisfaction. o Consumer behavior. o Customer loyalty. o Customer relationships. o Business performance. o Measurement systems of business performance.Dia' alhaq . Ahmad .Abedalmahdi
Human Clinical Nutrition Nutritional Assessment Disease risk controlingIslam KHaled Ali Elian Alshamieslam_nutrition@yahoo.com5528
Applied mechanics and materials science CAD/CAM composite materials vibrations non-traditional machiningMahmoud Mohammad Ahmed Rababahmahmoud_rababah@yahoo.com4684
Wafaa Nadmi Hussein Al-sharuengineer_wafaa@yahoo.com4781
Dielectophoresis and its applications for cell characterisation and cell sorting Biomaterials and Biomechanics Rehabilitation Engineering and Gait analysisRula GHaleb Abdalla Abdallatrula_abdallat@yahoo.com5162
Literary criticism, analysis, essay writing, and creative literary inventions.Thaher Mohmmed Hazza AL-Zawaherhthaher2@yahoo.com5021
Hanan Saddat
Ahmad Marzouq Naser ALshira'h 4803
Huda Mohammad Ibrahim
Teaching Methodology Native and non-native speaker EFL-ESL LearnersRema Mohamad Othman Othmanothman_rema@yahoo.com4887
Women with disabilities Special education in early childhood Current trends in special educationEman KH. A. al-Zboonemanzboon@yahoo.com3319 , 3301
'samer kamel moh'd / smtawe@gmail.com5224
Networks congestion control techniquesnabhan mahmoud hamed hamadneh 4950
Urban planning and design Computational design Urban simulation and optimization Urban network analysis Theory of architecture Dania Hasan Ali
• Image quality and dose optimisation in digital radiography • Optimisation for different BMIs for different body parts • Using physical and visual methods for image quality assessment in digital radiography • Display monitors characteristics and image viewing conditions and their influence on observers’ diagnostic performance. • Radiation protection • Radiation dosimetry. Kholoud Subhi Eid Alzyoud 5357
Large- to full-scale experimental testing of squat shear walls, and steel members/frames especially eccentrically braced frames (EBFs), Concrete Culverts and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Ghassan Sulaiman Odeh
• Pavement engineering • Infrastructure materials • Sustainable pavement materials • Pavement design, preservation, maintenance, and management • Asphalt mix performance assessment tests and indicators • Laboratory and field non-destructive testing. Hamza Mohammad Abd-Alkreem Alkuimeeng.hamza.a@gmail.com4699
 Murad Farah Mufadi
 Yman Abedelra'uof Rasheed
Software testing, software quality, aspect-oriented testing and development, software design, and mobile computing.Fadi Ibrahim Ali
1- Information retrieval 2- Database Systems 3- Data Mining Yaser (Mohammad Ali) Yaseen QawasmehY_quasmeh@yahoo.com4971
Deep learning. Natural language processing. Supply chain management. Adaptive mobile learning. , 4628
In Tourism: Sustaianble Tourism Development; Tourism Service Quality ; Tourism Planning and DevelopmentRamzi Mahmoud Refai al ROUSANrousanramzi@yahoo.com4731
 Mahm'd Aied Ali
• Test & measurement in sport science • Diagnosis & applied physiology Test in sport science • Method of fitness training and Martial Arts • Sport Coaching and Strength Conditioning • Theory of physical fitness training and body composition Assessment. • Theory and principles of coaching and Physical fitness • Theory of power training and Weight lifting Akef M.A.
 ahmad mohammad ahmad al-magablehamalmag1@gmail.com4640
ameena abdalmoula hamad harahshehamena_1976@yahoo.com4581
Semantics Linguisticshusam hasan ahmad al-omarihusam_omari.1985@yahoo.com4793
Adult populations' health in homes and long-term care settings: Family caregiving; Family caregivers' experiences and outcomes (burden, sleep disturbance, quality of life, hope); Chronic illnesses management; Pain management Sami Yousef Mahmoud Al-Rawashdehsami76jo@hotmail.com5396
Renewable Energy Electrochemical Supercapacitor Materials and Devices Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Amr Marwan M. Obeidatamr19_2006@hotmail.com4468
1. Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks 2. Scheduling Algorithms 3. Evolutionary Algorithms Hutaf Salahal-Deen(M.S) Natoureahnatoureah@hotmail.com4138
NeuroanatomyMustafa Saad Yousuf Yousufmsysalman@yahoo.com5432
- Psycholinguistics - Sociolinguistics - Semantics and Pragmatics - Syntax - Historical linguistics - Contrastive Linguistics - Discourse Analysis - Phonetics and Phonology - Verbal communication, nonverbal Communication, and body language Majd Saleem Hussein AbuSHunar 
 Nawaf Saleh Salman al-Zyoudnzyoud@hotmail.com3316
Wasfi Aref Mohammad AL salamatwasfisalamat@yahoo.com5022
test...Ma'mon (Mohammad Ali) Mahmoud Hatmalmamoon_hatmal@yahoo.com5567
Khalid Qasem Mohammad
International system, International conflicts, American Policyabd allah samed mohammad alzawahrehjordan_zawahrah@yahoo.com3054
renewable energy, photovoltaic cellMazin Hamzeh Abdullah Obaidat 
Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and Text Mining. zaher ibrahim saleh salahzahersalah@hotmail.com5060
GA Networks routing Data miningalaa fakri sulaiman obeidatalaa78f@yahoo.com4556
History of Art Art Education Fine ArtOsamah Abdelqader Suliman Bani Milhemosamelhem@yahoo.com3098
 Munther Barakat Kamel Al-nimeralmunthermbk@yahoo.com4308
 Sultan Yousef Moh'd
-School Readiness -Children and literacy -Classroom environment -Classroom management Jamal Fathi Mahmoud Ahmadjamal_alodat@yaoo.com3308
Software measurement Software quality engineering Software requirements engineering Khaled Abdelkarim Mahmoud
 hel ajmi jameel
Financial Accounting IFRSsawsan ismail musa yousefsawsan.saade@yahoo.com4411
? 1. Graphene CVD/ making and transferring ? 2. Graphene applications studied ? 3. Electrocatalysts/PEM Fuel Cell ? 4. Plasma damage of ILD/low-k ? 5. Drug analysisJafar I. M. Abdelghanijaf.chem@yahoo.com5113
Bayan Ahmad Turki Al-Hazaimehb_alhazaimeh@yahoo.com4223
 Ashraf Ramzy Youssef Abdelmalekash-ramzy@hotmail.com5373
1.Autonomic computing 2.Overlay Networks Management 3.Parallel and Distributed Systems 4.Policy based management 5.Cloud computing 6.Social NetworksIbrahim Z. R. Al-Oqilyialoqily@gmail.com4711
 Ala'a A.H Al-Shdifat 
• DSP VLSI Design • FPGA VLSI Design • Steganography and Setagonalysis • Low Power VLSI Design • High-Performance VLSI Circuits Bassam Jamil Rasheed
Aisha D. B. Zaid 
effect of physical therapy modalities in diseases and it's symptomsmohannad mohammad yosef hawamdehmoh21_hawamdeh@yahoo.com5576
- Urban planning and design - Urban studies - Architectural design and philosophy - Sustainable development - Quality of life - Housing quality - Affordable housing - Place making - Place Identity - Design of good cities - Urban morphology - Environmental design - Islamic architecture and urbanism - Landscape architecture and urbanism - Architecture and planning educationyamen nafeth abdel-latif albetawi 3237
•Computer Networks •Wireless Sensor Networks •Multimedia Networks •Cross-Layer Optimization Design •Security and Key Management •Energy Efficiency and Green Computing •Distributed Systems islam thabet hasan almalkawieslam_malkawi@yahoo.com4952
mahmoud khaled moh'd al-jaradatmahmoudjrt@yahoo.com3906 , 3100
Functional foods Health benefits of probiotic and prebiotics Pediatrics nutrition Sport nutrition Clinical nutrition narmeen jamal (moh'd khair) el awwadnarmeen78nana@yahoo.com5391
Software Engineering in healthcare, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Complex Event Processing, Cloud Computing, Mobile Learning, Human Computer Interaction and Software Usability, Data Mining, Bug Severity PredictionAladdin Hussein Abdel Lateef Baarahaladdin_baarah@yahoo.com4786
 Atif Salim Khalid Alkhazaliatifalkhazali@yahoo.com4217
-Mapping Land cover in urban and agricultural lands. -Plant biodiversity and spatial-temporal distribution plants in open lands. -Plant production, water requirement and seed technology.Salman Daifallah A.A AL-Kofahi 
1. Understanding the nature of bulk hetero-junction thin film blends composed of molecular donors and acceptors, with the aim of obtaining high performance organic photovoltaic cells 2. Studying the assembly of mixed surfactant monolayers at both air-water and air-solid interfaces that have applications as exogenous pulmonary lung surfactant preparation 3. Development of sustained release formulations, both solid and liquid dosage forms Ala' Fakhri A. Z.
Corporate governance. Executive compensation. Accounting for financial institutions. Risk management. Banking Regulation.fadi shehab ali shiyabfadi_shiyyab@yahoo.com4373
Human resource management - Human resource development waed abdel razzaq yousef ensour 
Engineering Safety, Human Factors Engineering, Maintenance management, Production Planning and Control, Healthcare Management osama taisir rashed al
I am interested in the research of cardiovascular field and oxidative stress diseases.abd al-rahman salem ahmed al-shudiefat 5393
American and British Novel, Gothic Fiction, Cultural Studies, Modern American Literature, 20th Century British Literature baker "mohammad jamil" ahmad bani-khairbakribakr@yahoo.com3006
Inertility; Causes & Treatmenmts.nissreen n.s. abdallah 
nada a.h. al-sakhen 
the ground state properties of 4He and 12C nuclei have been investigated at equilibrium and at large amplitude of compression using a realistic effective interaction based on two different potentials namely, Nijmegen and Reid Soft Core (RSC)potentials. We perform the calculations in no-core model space consisting of six major oscillator shells (i.e.21 single particles orbitals) within the framework of the constrained spherical Hartree-Fock (CSHF) approximations. We specifically investigate the sensitivity of the ground state properties; such as binding energy, nuclear radius, radial density distribution and single particle energies to the degree of compression. For 4He, we have found that the equilibrium rrms using two different potentials (Nijmegen and RSC) are the same and equals (1.46 fm), and also we have found that the corresponding EHF using two different potentials (Nijmegen and RSC) equals (-28.296 MeV). For 12C, we have found that the equilibrium rrms using two different potentials (Nijmegen and RSC) are the same and equals (2.35 fm), and EHF using RSC and Nijmegen potentials are equals to -92.167 MeV and -92.174MeV respectively. These values are approximately equal to experimental valuesiyad khalaf awad alhagaish 
- Place Recognition and Mobile Robot Self-Localization: Developing algorithms to allow an indoor mobile robot to self-localize itself under different conditions in the interior space. - Loop Closure Issues in Robot Navigation: Doing research on how to facilitate easier loop closure detection by solving the drifting and localization problem in SLAM. -Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM): Developing a system to build a 3D model of interior space using hierarchical sensor fusion architecture based on range and images data and with the help of robotics platform. - Multi-sensor Calibration (Stereo Cameras and Range: Finder Sensor): Calibrating a robotics platform that includes different sensors: stereo cameras, range finder sensor and robot wheel encoder sensor. - Uncertainty Modeling: Modeling the uncertainty parameters associated with robot motion (translational and rotational) khalil mustafa khalil ahmad yousefkhalil.yousef@gmail.com4523
Environamental researcheskhaled abdulkareem saleem alzawahreh 
Applied MathematicsMaysam Mohammad Ali Ali Abu Dalou 4197
Medical and Industrial MicrobiologyHanan Mustafa Salem Al-Abeid 
Computer Security Computer Networks Security Smart Grids Security Cyber-physical SystemsAnas Abdel Jalil Eid Al Majalianasmajali@gmail.com4654
Breast Diseases, Breast Cancer, Biological and chemotherapeutic treatment for Breast cancer, Breast Reconstruction, Immune-related Breast DiseasesMahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud
Child Health, Women Health, Family Medicine, Medical EducationNuha Waleed Abdulghani
 Shaimaa Nasr Amin Mohamed Hosnyshaimaa5992yahoo.com5603
Applied mathematical Sciences, develop an educational program in mathematics based on the dimensions of thinking, vague soft set relation mappings, efficient self proxy signature scheme based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problems, Efficient stamped proxy partially blind signature scheme utilizing elliptic curve cryptosystem,KHaled A. A. Al Zu'
Psychological comorbidity Cardiovascular health Renal healthMona Abdallah Mohammad Abedabedm20002000@yahoo.com5520
GHadeer .Ismail (Haj-Abed)
Plant-soil-soilborne pathogens interaction, plant production, and plant protection.Ahmed Abdel-Nabi Ali
Architectural Design Urban Design Architectural Design Education Architectural Design Thinking Architectural Design Processes and Methods Architectural Theories and Criticism Architecture and Building Construction The Impact of Social and Cultural Beliefs on Architectural Design FIDIC Ahmad Abidrabbu Al- Sa'ed Alhusbanalhusban2001@yahoo.com3240 , 3203
 Abdel-Rahman Falah Aqil
Maisa Jamal Ahmad Al-KHazalehmaisa jk@yahoo.com4314
- Accounting Information Systems. - Credit Risk. - Audit & Internal ControlMahmoud Hamad.A Ibrahim
- Linguistics - Pragmatics - Sociolinguistics - TEFL and TESOL - Politeness theory - Cross-cultural and intercultural Communication -Psycholinguistics - Discourse Analysis - Language Acquisition Nisreen Naji Akeel Al_khawaldehnnalkhawaldeh@gmail.com3075
English Literature, American Literature (fiction & drama), Postcolonial Theory, Post-colonial Drama, and Comparative LiteratureImad Mohammad Hamad KHawaldehimad3211@yahoo.com3010
 Aiman Salah Abdel Ghani Al Shareiaiman_alsharei@yahoo.com5483
Firas M .A. Al.Rshoud 
Controlled release of drugs from solid dosage forms: -Matrix systems prepared by direct compaction or via spray drying and other different techniques -Multilayer tablets for release programming Solid state properties of pharmaceutical materials: -Solid-state modification and evaluation of pharmaceutical materials -Development of methods for quantitative determination of polymorphs in powder mixtures Nizar Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Al_zou'
Protein chemistry and protein crystallization, Enzymatic reactions, one-point mutations, Plant extraction and their enzymatic inhibition studies
Career Counseling Psychological Security Self-Efficacy Social interaction Bassam Hilal Minwer Alharbidrbassam69@yahoo.com3131
- Human Physiology - Endocrinology - Toxicology Raed Ali Mustafa Halalsheh 5397
My current research centers on the following: 1- Control Systems. 2- Artificial Intelligent : Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Control . 3- Robotics and Computer Vision issues such as Navigation, Localization, and Tracking. 4- Optimization methods: Genetic Algorithm. 5- Wireless Sensor Networks WSNs.Rami Ahmad Mohammad
E-learning, Blended Learning, Flipped Learning, ICT in education, ICT professional development, Technology LeadershipAtef Moh'd Barakat Abuhmaida_abuhmaid@yahoo.com3091
Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks Parallel and Distributed Systems Graphs model for Ad Hoc Networks Multimedia Security For more info ...Please Call (079)7147204Alaa Eddien . Awad .Abdallah .
Network monitoring, Network security, Cyber Security, cloud computing Security.Ashraf.Hamdan.Rashid .Aljammal 4956
 Eman Adnan Salman al- Kamilemanadnan2003@yahoo.com5568
1. sensory integrative dysfunctions among children with academic challenges. 2. development of cjildren with visual impairments.Mustafa Ahmad Mustafa
Microeconomics Efficiency Analysis Industrial Economics Business EconomicsMohammad Waleed Ahmed
Protein receptors trafficking and recycling in cells Development of new anticancer drugs Genetic predisposition of diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. nanotechnology and drug delivaryISMAIL SAMI ISMAIL
care of swimmingSalwa Adnan Mahmoud Alshormansalwa_shorman@yahoo.com4553
Firas Naim Husni
• Adolescents Health - Risky Behaviors (Tobacco Use, Illicit Substances use) • Tobacco Use – Prevention and Cessation • Instrument Measurement (conceptual and psychometric equivalence of study measures) Jordan – Tobacco Control Research Group Sukaina Abdalrhmman Mohamad
Exercise effects on attenuating muscle atrophy molecular mediators. Exercise physiology, Cancer rehabilitation, and muscle physiology in rehabilitation, Quality of Life Sa'ad Mohammad Salem al-Nassansaadna83@hotmail.com5584
Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Marketing and Strategic Management. Amer SHarafaldean Taeeb al SHishanyamershishani@yahoo.com3340
Finance; Asset Pricing; Portfolio Management.Mohammad Qasim Mohammad al-Momanimomanimhd@gmail.com4169
• Study and analysis the microbial quality and safety of traditional foods. • Use of natural antimicrobials to enhance the safety of foods. • Development of active packaging materials to improve the quality and safety of foods • Development of functional products and study the sensory characteristics. Amin Naser Menazel Eleimatamin-olimat@yahoo.com5599 , 5390
Smart grid modeling and simulation Mathematical optimization. Artificial intelligence and machine learning Internet of things Manar Ahmad Yousef
General linguistics, phonological theory, acoustics, morphology, syntactic theory, and Arabic dialectology Bassil Mohammad Mousa Al mashaqbaalmashaqba@live.com3089
Analytical chemistry, energy storage devices, supercapacitors, modified electrodes,conducting polymers.Zaher Abdelgader Ahmad
 Umaima Abdul Hamid Mohammad al Aqtashomaimaaqtash@yahoo.com3239
Sustainable Materials and Technology Mechanical Design (Mechanical behaviour of materials, Material selection) Composite Materials, Material Characterization Bio-based Composites and Green Composites(Polymeric-based composites, Natural fiber composites). Computational Material Science(Material modeling, FEA, Optimization). Materials for Energy Saving/Harvesting Operational Research and Decision Making Methods (AHP, Fuzzy-linguistic-AHP, TOPSIS).Faris(Mohammed-KHair) Faris
Phonology, Morphology, Discourse Analysis Anas Ibraheem Faleh Alhuneetyhneety@live.com4207
Algorithms, Multimedia Information Retrieval System , Database , Big Data , Design Pattern and Software engineering Ayat Nizar Arafa Al
Research interests Childhood chronic illnesses Childhood Asthma School health Development of child friendly instruments for nursing and public health research • Undergraduate nursing education and students preparation for practice Family Centered Care • Children's behaviour and attitudes, and children behavioural assessment methods • Evaluating nursing and public health interventions Mohammad Abdel_Motaleb M.
Pediatric NephrologySaiel Hayat Raffan
Performance measurement, compensation schemes and earning management.ahmed mushref salim al-omushomoush_2000@yahoo.com4182
 Salma Musa Sulieman
 Hasan M.A_Hawamdehhhawamdeh@hotmail.com5407
I am working in the field of theoretical and computational condensed matter physics and materials science. In particular, I am interested in understanding the structural, electronic, magnetic, transport and optical properties of semiconductors, composites, alloys, and nanomaterials using atomistic level simulation. Nabil moh`d suleiman al aqtashnalaqtash@unomaha.edu4915
Enas . N. I.
(Interlanguage) Pragmatics (Critical) Discourse Analysis Second language acquisition Sociolinguistics Husam SH. E.
Machine Learning Data Mining AI Bioinformatics Ahmad Ali Mah'd al-Oqailyaloqailyjo@yahoo.com5093
linguistics and Arabic syntax, linguistics pragmatics, Discours Analysis, Manuscripts verivecations, prosodyAhmed Hassan Ismail El-Hassanahmadalhasan@gmail.com3027
Morphology Syntax Linguistics Riyad Rezq Allah Mansour Abu Hawlahola9775@yahoo.com3029
Arabic linguistics Philology the studies of Arabic travel literatureNahla Abedalaziz M ubarak Alshogrann.alshgran@yahoo.com3025
Cancer molecular biology and therapy Zaynab Said Mohammed Al-eisawi 5369
1. International Relations. 2. International Organizations. 3. Public International Law. 4. Political System. Asem Emil Hana Al
Dynamical Systems, Bifurcation Theory, Chaos Theory, Perturbation Methods and Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics.Bashir M. A.
Financial Accounting Auditing Corporate Governance Adel Khalaf Salem
Rand Omar Mohammad Shahinshaheen_rand@yahoo.com3442
- Nanotechnology - Energy Harvesting - Multiferroics materials - Magnetoelectric materials - Piezoelectric and piezomagnetic materials - Material Characterizations - Lean Manufacturing - KAIZEN and Continuous Improvements - Optimization - CAD/CAE/CAMMorad Fayez Khattar Etiermuradetier@yahoo.com5013
Jihad Ahmed Mansour Alzyoudjalzyoud@yahoo.com5486
The Poetry old, stylistic, intertextuality.Ibrahim Mustafa Mohammad Aldahounibrahimdhoon@yahoo.com3023
• Fabrication of devices and circuits down to submicron range using photolithography technique • Fabrication of devices and circuits down to 20 nm using electron beam lithography technique (nanowires, single electron devices, carbon based materials; mainly Graphene FET and carbon nanotubes devices) • Characterization of nanostructures using electron microscopy, optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction, AFM, … • Low noise magneto-electronic transport measurements of nanostructures • Low temperature measurements using cryogenic systems, including He3-He4 dilution refrigerator able to cool down to 35 mK and PPMS Quantum design able to cool down to 2 K • Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles Gassem Mohammad Mustafa
Infection prevention and control, The child and family hospital experience, Childhood asthma, Qualitative research methodology and methods. Murad Adnan Yousef Sawalhamurad_80@yahoo.com5450
1. Flow phantom ultrasound 2. Doppler ultrasound applications 3. Elastography 4. Advanced medical imaging techniques 5. Acoustic properties of blood and tissue using Doppler ultrasound applicationsAmmar Anwar Khaled Oglatammar.oglat@yahoo.com5354
Raiea Marouf Hamdalla Al Khrasatkhraisatr@yahoo.com4687
Mohammad Khaled Ali Al
- 19th- & 20th-Century English Literature - Literary Theory Haitham Mahmoud Abdullah Talafhah.talafha@gmail.com3013
American Literature African-American Literature Tennessee Williams American Drama In the 20th Century Bowen Family Systems TheoryNajah Ahmad Fayiz Alzoubinaalzoubi@gmail.com3154
Amplifiers, Instrumentations, and ElectronicsZahra Y. A. zahra_alsaleh@yahoo.com4712
Networking Algorthims Data Structure Data Mining Computer Architecture Ibrahim Moh'd Salem
In Physical and Industrial Chemistry.Manal H. M.
Electrical and Electromagnetic geophysics. The applied methods used to solve environmental, geotechnical, and mining issues. Comprise but not limited to aquifer characterization, shallow and deep- groundwater detection, contaminant transport and pollution characterization, depth to bed rock, and mineral exploration. Jafar S. A. Abu-Rajabغير متوفر4607
My main interests are in the fields of upper gastrointestinal surgery, Medical education, and Oncology, particularly gastroesophageal malignancies, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, soft tissue tumors, and peritoneal surface tumors. Upper gastrointestinal surgery and oncosurgery are my major subspecialty with special interest in esophageal surgery, Barrett’s esophagus, gastric and other intra-abdominal tumors. Esophageal and gastric cancers are my main clinical interest. My focus of the esophageal cancer research is on the investigation of the molecular changes during the multistep malignant progression of columnar-lined (Barrett’s) esophagus. One of the current research projects is investigating the role of cyclin E expression in esophageal cancer. The study on glucose transporter is also underway for esophageal cancer research. I am also involved in the research to elucidate the prognostic factors in gastric cancer patients. My main focus of research is the inquiry of carcinogenesis in the stomach cancer, which is concentrated on the cell cycle molecules, eg p21 and p27, and H. pylori. I am investigating the role of different cyclins in the multistage tumorigenesis of gastric cancer and the correlation between the expression of cyclins and the degree of histologic aggressiveness and prognostic indices in patients of gastric carcinoma. At the moment I am investigating the gastric carcinoma in Northern Jordan with regards to the expression of a panel of tumor markers including cyclin E, p21, p27, p53 and EGFR. Also I am investigating the relationship of H. pylori to gastric adenocarcinoma and type of H. pylori strains in Jordan. My future research topics are prognostic molecular markers for gastric adenocarcinomas. Another research field is to evaluate the possibilities of combining many molecular markers as a prognosticator for gastric cancer. Kamal Bani-Hani 5360
Natural Processing Language Grammatical Errors Detection in Arabic Sentences Data MiningSana'a Zuhair Mhammed Alzghoalsana_zgool@yahoo.com4978
Post colonialism , feminism, postcolonial feminism, critical literary theories , theories of translation , literary translation Mai Abdel karim Mohammad Malkawimalkawi.mai@gmail.com4592
Corporate Governance, Behavioral Economics, Board Decision Making, Group Polarization, Decision Bias Abdallah Bader Mahmoud
commercial law, civil law, contract law, electronic commerce law, consumer protection, personal data protection, law philosophy, law and psychology, socio-legal studies, legal methods, intellectual property law, trademarks, legal writing Ahmad Abed Alla Mohammad Alhusbandr.alhusban@gmail.com4808
Database Design& Tuning E Commerce Application Industrial Data analysis Hasan .Ali. Mefleh .Idhaim 4324
1. Fractional Calculus 2. Numerical methods to solve ODE and PDE. 3. Fractional differential Equations. 4. Continuous Genetic Algorithms to approximate the ODE and PDE. 5. Finite difference method. Ramzi . Bader . Helal. Albadarnehramzy_1977@yahoo.com4495
 Ibrahim Mohammad Abu Falahahibraheem.abufalahah@uam.es4128
 Ruba Ahmad Morshed Odeheng_rubaodeh@hotmail.com4792
• Fuzzy Cognitive Map Approach • Soft Computing Approach • Qualitative, Dynamic and Complex Real-Life Systems • Management Information Systems • Decision Support Systems Mamoon Yusef Mohammed
Environmental issues earth resources materials global geologyFaten Mustafa Ahmad
Machine Learning and Information Retrieval, Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD), Natural Language Processing and Data mining.Esra'a Ahmad Helael
Fragmentation of reactive materials Novel energetic materials Atomistic simulations of nano-materialsSufian Mohammad Hussein
Serena Tiziana Giuseppe Mario
My research interests include: U.S. Foreign Policy, Jordanian Politics, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Middle East Politics, Political & Global Issues, and Human Rights.Atallah Saleh Kethyan Al Sarhanassirhany@hotmail.com3087
• Data Analytics • Algorithms for Problem Solving • Signal Detection and Processing. • Smart Structures • Occupant Tracking and Source Localization (multilateration)Sa'ed Ahmad Qwaiteen Alajlouni 4878
1- LC/MS- Metabonomics and clinical biochemistry research. 2- Molecular modeling studies towards the discovery and design of new biologically active compounds employing novel studies focused on pharmacophore modeling, 3D-QSAR and traditional QSAR models, docking studies and in-silico screening. These efforts include development of novel molecular modeling strategies of enhanced success rates. Particular interests in developing new agents against diabetes, obesity and cancer 3-Application of computer-aided molecular design techniques as aids in pharmaceutical formulation towards minimizing lengthy error-and-trial time involved in designing different pharmaceutical formulas. Nour Elhuda Khaled Mahmoud Daoud 5594
- mechatronics systems - Hybrid Vehicles - Artificial Intelligence applications (medical diagnosis, control, modeling,..etc.) - Modeling and simulation - Control - Pneumatic systems - Renewable and Clean energy Mohammed A.K. A.L
urban design Architectural design and communication Fadael Al Rahman . M. M. Al-Tammonifadael-1974@yahoo.com3238